Tomato plants, growth and varieties

Tomato plants, growth and varieties

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Let's talk abouttomato plants, the distance to be respected based on the varieties, diseases and plants most suitable for growing in pots (low tomato plants).

Before starting a tomato cultivation, you need to understand what types of plant to choose. There are many varieties of tomato, some plants are more suitable for growing in jar, others on earth. Many tomato plants they offer huge fruits, other varieties offer small tomatoes and still, they exist tomato plants early, with rapid growth and others slower. Based on your needs and preferences, you can choose the tomato plants more suitable!

Low or climbing tomato plants

Depending on the type of development, the tomato plants They are divided into "plants with specific growth " (this large macro-group includes low tomato plants or dwarf tomatoes to be grown in pots) and "plants with indeterminate growth"(They need supports or a railing on which to grow in case of cultivation in pots).

The tomato plants with determined growth they stop their development after they have produced a certain number of flowers, the tomato plant with determined growth it assumes the classic bush shape. Who intends to cultivatetomato plants in potsit will have to orient itself in this direction.

The tomato plants indeterminate growth continue to develop in height throughout the vegetative cycle, these varieties, whether grown in pots or in the ground, need support for cultivation. Those who do not have the problem of limited spaces can orient themselves on this choicevarietythey need more space to develop but it is also true that they givecollectedmore abundant.

Variety of tomato

Tomatoes to eat in fresh salads or to turn into a very tasty sauce. Tomatoes with a globular, elongated, cherry shape ... The farmer who wants to grow tomato plants he will have to identify the variety that best suits his needs.

Ox heart tomato

Among the most popular varieties among small growers is the Ox heart, produces large, round tomatoes that can exceed 300 grams in weight. This variety is semi-late as it ripens from the second half of July. An earlier variety is the Ligurian ox heart, which is also more resistant to diseases than the traditional oxheart, the Ligurian one matures about twenty days earlier and weighs around 180-250 grams.

Very similar to theSorrentine tomato, also with a very thin skin of a light red color tending to pink with green hues when harvested. It has a delicious, fleshy and compact pulp with a sweet and delicate flavor.

Between tomato plants similar to “Ox heart"Include the Canestrino di Lucca, Red Pear and Pearson varieties, also known as Perla d’Abruzzo. The tomato plants more common in small gardens are those that produce round tomatoes of medium or large dimensions. These include the San Pietro with its fruits of 150-200 grams (plant with indeterminate growth) and the hybrid variety Optima with fruits of 250 grams.

Console and cherry tomato

Among the tomatoes that grow in clusters there is the Console variety, they are a rather early variety, they ripen in early July, have spherical fruits and an intense red color. The plants they are generally indeterminate growth.

The most common tomato varieties that develop small fruits are all for the most part with indeterminate growth: cherry, F1 cherry, suncherry, pepper, chipano. At determined growth, then described as low tomato plants suitable for growing in pots and in confined spaces, we find the varieties "dwarf cherry " and Liliput.

Red datterino and yellow datterino

Thedatterino tomatoit is popular for its sweet and intense flavor. It has a very consistent pulp and few seeds inside. Thereplantof this tomato produces in clusters, just like the cherry tomato. It is among thesmall cherry tomatoesas each fruit weighs between 15 and 35 gr.

Piennolo tomatoes from Vesuvius

Those looking for a long-lasting tomato variety can aim for the Piennolo tomato. In Naples and Campania, large bunches of tomatoes are prepared which are preserved until Christmas. For more info: Piennolo tomatoes.

Distance between tomato plants

Theredistanceto be respectedbetweenthetomato plants(planting layout) depends a lot on the variety. It is clear that indeterminate growth plants need more space. The distance is usually indicated on the seed packet. The factordistance between tomato plantsis of crucial importance. The reason? A narrow distance increases the chance of proliferationdiseases of tomato plants.

Diseases of tomato plants

Given that all the details onhow to cure tomatoesin pots or in the ground, they are contained in the article dedicated to tomato diseases, in this paragraph we will report a list with the most common tomato plant diseases.

  • Bacterial diseases such as xanthomonas campestris which cause speckles and spots on the leaves
  • Tomato bedbug
  • Diseases linked to nutritional deficiencies or excesses
  • Aphids and other parasitic insects
  • Viral diseases such as the mosaic virus
  • Gray mold
  • Downy mildew
  • Powdery mildew
  • Other fungal diseases such as cladosporiosis and rot

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