How to see the coral reef in Australia

How to see the coral reef in Australia

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If you are wondering how to see the Coral Reef in Australia, you are probably keen on snorkeling, freediving or diving. In this article we will explain where to stay, how to get there and how to visit it.

How to see the coral reef in Australia: best time to travel, where to stay, how to spend little and places not to be missed.

The Great Barrier Reef

Where to see the Australian reef? The Great Barrier Reef is very extensive: we are talking about about 344 square km of submerged beauty. It is so extensive that it is the only natural coral formation visible even from space. With its 2,300 km, the Great Barrier Reefit is the largest coral system on the planet.

Where is the Reef located?

ThereGreat Barrier Reefit is located on the east coastAustralian, in the state of Queensland.

Let's clarify that for go to Australia you need a passport. Make sure you apply a few months in advance. Normally, it takes only 10 - 15 days to issue a passport, but each police station has its own times.

How to see the coral reef Australia

What is the best time to visit Australia, where to go to see the Great Barrier Reef and above all, how much does the trip cost? In this article you will find an answer to all the most common doubts.

When to go to Australia?

When to visit the Great Barrier Reef?
Seasons in Australia work differently! This nation has various climatic zones. The north central area of ​​Australia has a tropical climate with only two seasons: summer and winter.

Summer runs fromNovember to May. It is the wet season: it often rains and temperatures reach 30 - 35 ° C.

Winter goes byJune to September, temperatures are mild but only rarely do they drop below 25 ° C.

Visit Queensland

In northern Queensland, the high season corresponds to the local winter (which coincides with our summer, that is, from June to September).

Therelow seasongives you a chance tovisit the coral reefat very competitive prices but there are disadvantages. The scorching heat will make your excursions hotter. The rains are mostly in the morning and in the evening, they give you a lower margin to enjoy the beaches. The main problem is not the temperature or the rain, but the sea currents: the waters are often murky so you should rely on an excellent local guide who can show you the best spots and inlets where the water is clearer and the seabed is not is moved!

Therelow season, however, it also has advantages: in this period therain forest(Daintree Forest, easily reached fromCairns) is at the height of its beauty.

In summer (which corresponds to our winter) the more you move to the north, the more temperatures increase. Keep this in mind when choosing your Australia holiday itinerary.

Where to go to see the Australian Reef?

How to get there?
Many international flights depart from Italy with Cairns airport as their final destination. The most classic flight stops in Paris and Singapore. Some flights make a stopover in Paris and Munich, others make a single stopover in Hong Kong or Singapore, depending on which Italian airport you depart from.

Where to go?
There are 74 paradisiacal islands that make up the Whitsunday archipelago. In addition, there are many coastal destinations that allow you to visit the coral reef: Cairns itself, Harvey Bay, Mission Beach, Port Douglas ... There are alsoluxury tropical islandslike Hayman and Lizard.

It is clear that the choice must be weighed on the basis of personal aspirations and budget. The main islands are:

  • Lady Elliot Island
  • Lady Musgrave Island
  • Great Keppel Island
  • Pumpkin Island
  • Heron Island
  • Magnetic Island

Who wantsvisit the coral reef in Australiaspending little, he can point to Magnetic Island. Once you have landed in Cairns, you will need to go to the city of Townsville. From Townsville, board a ferry - transportation to Magnetic Island takes just 25 minutes. Why is it a good solution for those on a budget? Because there is no shortage of hostels.

In many islands, in fact, for those who wantsee the Australian Reefon a budget, there are bad and breakfasts and hostels, much more accessible than hotels and resorts. Alternatively, those who want to visit Australia on a budget, can opt for camping.


If you wantsee the coral reef in Australiayou can also see Cairns as your base of operations. This city is perfect: it has many agencies that offer tours and activities of all kinds. Cairns is the junction point between the deep blue of the Great Barrier Reefit is the lush green of therain forest oldest in the world (Daintree Rainforest).

Here in Cairns there are accommodations for every budget - from hostels to luxury resorts. Cairns can be considered the perfect "headquarters" to navigate the hinterland, the coastal area and day tours to the tropical islands.

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