Vacation checklist: what to bring to the campsite

Vacation checklist: what to bring to the campsite

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Holiday checklist:what to bring camping. The list of useful items that cannot be missing at the campsite. Advice on what to bring to eat.

You are planning the camping holidays? If you are a beginner, in this article you will find a checklist ofwhat to bring camping.

Good organization is the basis of any trip, especially if you sleep in a tent or a caravan.

Incampingthere are various things you will need, from the stove to the dishes, up to the lighting and food supplies. Of course, a lot also depends on the destination, if it is acampingwild and adventurousor at a well-organized facility that provides you with electricity, sinks and kitchens.

Today we do not propose a listminimalist, let's start with a much denser list based onwhat they bring to the campsitethe most demanding vacationers of comfort. It is much better to eliminate something from a large list than to propose a minimal list that may not satisfy you.

In the article we will see:

  • Basic necessities checklist: what to bring to the campsite
  • How to charge your smartphone when camping
  • What you need on the campsite: useful accessories
  • What to bring to the campsite to eat
  • Electricity in the campsite

What to bring to the campsite: the checklist for comfortable camping

Those who want comfort must be ready to bring everything. Betweencampersthere is a category that is not willing to give up, these people recognize them immediately with their table furniture, stoves, beds and many other gadgets to enjoy the outdoors in comfort. The checklist of these campers is much more extensive, let's see it together:

  • plastic sheets for the tent
  • air mattress to put the sleeping bag on
  • boxes, bags and other containers for storing food, clothing and equipment
  • emergency blanket
  • curtain sealer
  • folding chairs
  • modular coffee tables
  • deckchairs and stools
  • pillows
  • binoculars
  • first aid kit and medicine
  • traps to be assembled to create shaded areas or protect the wood from rain
  • rope, twine ...
  • Sun protection
  • a small shovel
  • wipes, detergents ...
  • toilet paper
  • personal care items: shampoo, toothpaste, moisturizer, soap ...
  • insect repellent
  • hammer or ax (tools to fix the tent)
  • backpack, backpack and pouch
  • towels
  • spare batteries for smartphones *
  • several flashlights for lighting
  • pocket knife

How to recharge your smartphone when camping

Tablets and smartphones, while camping, can be charged using an emergency battery, an accumulator also known as a “power bank”.

It is an emergency battery that, if necessary, is able to transfer energy and fully recharge your smartphone. Among the various models on the market I would like to point out one that can recharge your smartphone 6 - 8 times. This is the Aukey power bank that can be bought on Amazon at a price of 25.99 euros and free shipping costs. For all the info on the product, I refer you to the page: Power Bank data sheet.

The product in question has a real capacity of 20,000 mAh, feel free to buy an emergency charger sized according to your needs and above all, read the reviews before purchasing.

For example, what I have reported is very valid (personally tested); even if it is sturdy, it has no external reinforcement so it must be treated with a certain delicacy.

When using the emergency charger, more than ever, follow my advice onhow to charge your mobile (never go below 20% autonomy and stop charging as soon as it exceeds 80%). This accessory can charge any mobile phone or tablet, even simultaneously.

Useful accessories: what to bring on the campsite

Consider that in among the things to take to the campsitethere are also those in the food sector:

  • can opener
  • bottle opener
  • cutlery
  • dishes for food preparation (non-stick and cast iron pans are excellent)
  • camping stove
  • gas or charcoal grill, with a sufficient number of refills to power
  • dish drainer and detergent
  • coffee maker
  • chopping board
  • pliers
  • thermos
  • tablecloth
  • plastic plates and glasses
  • trash bags
  • aluminum foil for storing leftovers

What to bring to the campsite to eat

I would like to tell you that in camping you can enjoy hunting and fishing very well, eat roasted meats in front of a fire, enjoy the hot embers…. This image is wonderful but in reality, with some exceptions, it will not be so. At the campsite you will find yourself eating canned food and long-life food.

There are many things you can eat at the campsite:

  • Powdered milk or UHT milk (more bulky but more practical and does not require water for preparation).
  • Canned legumes.
  • Canned tuna.
  • Canned mackerel.
  • Ready soups.
  • Ready risottos.
  • Pasta and rice.
  • Canned products to dress salads (corn, bean sprouts, olives, mushrooms, cucumbers…).
  • Vacuum-packed and long-life cured meats.
  • Potatoes.
  • Onions.
  • Pickled and in oil.
  • Eggs.

When you buy a ready-made product, never take it to the campsite in a closed box! Do some tests at home ... always try the result you will get first, otherwise you risk bringing with you a food that you will end up throwing away.

Electricity in the campsite

If it is a winter camping, you can also bring hair dryers or warmers. The tent, as well as the sleeping bag, should besizednot only for the number of people to host but also for the outside temperatures. There are, in fact, sleeping bags able to guarantee a good thermal seal even at - 20 ° C!

Not only in the case of winter camping, if the camping you plan is very long, you can bring:

  • television
  • radio
  • computer
  • light bulb
  • fridge
  • hairdryer
  • electric fryer

In each campsite there are "electric columns" capable of supplying electricity for a cost that is generally already included in the daily rate. When booking for a campsite, it is advisable to ask for information on what to include in the rate so as to understand if access to the electricity column is included.

In order to use the electric column you will need a plug to "bring the current from the column to the tent". In Italy, according to Annex A of CEI 64-8 / 7 sex 708, the column cannot be more than 20 meters from the tent pitch.

The maximum load that a column can support for household appliances brought to the campsite is 1300Watt. This means that you should only bring low-energy or travel appliances. For example, the hairdryer can absorb up to 2000 watts, a travel hairdryer absorbs just 900 watts. Some campsites deliver more energy, so when booking, to understand what to bring camping, better ask specific questions!

What to bring to the campsite to use electricity?
To the column goes the plug with the extension cable and the terminal socket.

Given the prospect of using electricity when camping, among the things to bring, you can also point out a low-consumption light bulb and an electric wire for its connection!

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