White shark in Italy

White shark in Italy

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White shark in Italy: sightings and cases of attacks on humans. What you should know about white shark bites and its presence in the Mediterranean Sea.

It is a fishchondrichthyof the Lamnid family. It is the only vividly represented of the Carcharodon genus and is famous for being the largest predatory fish on the planet. We have already talked about him in the article dedicated to the strongest animal in the world, it is theWhite shark, one of the most fearsome predators of seas and oceans. It does not rank among thesuper predatorsbecause despite being large and powerful, it is preyed upon by the killer whale. Please note: lo White sharkit is the largest predatory fish because the killer whale is not a fish but a marine mammal, just like the dolphin.

Sharks of the Mediterranean Sea

In the Mediterranean Sea there are 47 species ofsharks,of these, 15 are considered dangerous for humans. There are more than 500 species of sharks in the world. Sightings near the Italian coasts of some shark species are becoming more and more frequent.

Despite this "apparent abundance "there should be nothing to fear. According to statistics, cholesterol and a sedentary lifestyle would claim many more victims! To stay in scopefatality, know that about 150 people die each year from the fall on the head of a coconut, while the deaths caused by sharks are on average only 7 per year and generally far from our coasts. We said "generally" because in the history of our seas, attacks by sharks on humans have been documented.

TheWhite sharkit is present in the Mediterranean Sea where there is a breeding area in the area that includes Sicily, Malta and Tunisia

Sharks in Italy

Every summer, in the Mediterranean Sea that bathes our coasts, several are sightedsharks. The Mediterranean Sea is home to a great variety of sharks, such as the harmless dogfish, the blue shark and the Mako suqalo.

In the Mediterranean that bathes our coasts, the basking shark and the hammerhead shark have also been sighted. Of all, however, it is the white shark that causes the most terror.

White shark in Italy

The white shark, scientific name Carcharodon carcharias,it is very suggestive for being the largest predatory fish, for the power of its dead and for Steven Spielberg's films. But the white shark is really that aggressive, how much is it true?

Yes, indeed, of all shark species, thegreat whiteit is the one that records the greatest number of accidents involving human beings. Since 2012, 272 “bite accidents” have been documented but far from the Mediterranean waters!

Throughout the history of theMare Nostrum, only 4 fatal cases have been documented in Italian waters. If we also leave the borders of Italian waters, in the Mediterranean Sea there have been 31 episodes of white shark bites, confirmed by the authorities. While the number "31" may worry you, this figure has been recorded over the course of two centuries! Furthermore, only in rare cases can the white shark bite be fatal.

The white shark, in fact, is popular for its "test bites". Often thewhite sharksthey bite buoys, surfboards, small boats, abandoned objects at sea or flotsam just to understandwhat is it about. The favorite prey of sharks are seals. After the "test bite", the white shark generally abandons potential unwelcome prey. Great white sharks much prefer seals, which are fat and high in protein

Other estimates:
From 1990 to 2011, in international waters, there were a total of 139 incidents not caused by white shark bites, 29 of which were fatal.

Where to see the white shark in Italy

In Italy it is not possible. Keep thewhite sharksin captivity it is not at all easy. Some aquariums have managed to accommodate theGreat Whitefor short periods but never, until now, permanently. Sharks are housed in huge tanks for short periods before being released.

To see the white shark it is possible to go to the places where sighting dives are organized. Is calledshark tourismand a form of tourism that allows you to come face to face with the white shark. Where can white sharks be seen?

  • Seal Island, South Africa
  • Guadalupe Island, Mexico
  • Rottnest Island, Australia
  • Stewart Island, New Zealand

Not just diving, observation can also be done by exploitingmetal cages and releasing baits (fish of various kinds mixed with seal meat) to attract thewhite sharksnear the cage. There is currently an ongoing controversy over the use of baits: according to the researchers, over timewhite sharkscould associate humans with the presence of bait and blood, with an increased risk for Mexican and Australian swimmers and for areas where the presence of the white shark is more established.