Cockroaches in the house: where they nest, where they come from and remedies

Cockroaches in the house: where they nest, where they come from and remedies

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The cockroaches in the house unfortunately, they are an increasingly recurrent problem in our homes, especially in city condominiums, often due to separate waste collection, in particular that of waste. Finding a cockroach in our apartment does not necessarily indicate that our house is not properly cleaned. Certainly it is important to understand where cockroaches come from, where they nest and what remedies we can take to remove them permanently.

In this article of mine you will find information that should be very useful to solve the problem.

Cockroaches in the house: where they come from

Cockroaches can enter our home in different ways, here are the most frequent:

  • from the main door
  • from the balcony door or from the windows facing the outside (cockroaches can easily climb up along the walls of the building, even more so if they have a rough surface)
  • from cracks around the pipes
  • from holes in the walls, often near electrical cables
  • from the sink, tub and bidet drains
  • inside food crates or other cardboard packaging that we carry into our homes

Cockroaches in the house: where they nest

Cockroaches are attracted to dark and humid environments where they can nest and reproduce (walls, kitchen furniture, chests, dressers, etc.)

In particular, they usually frequent the kitchens (they find humidity and especially food) and bathrooms (usually the most humid environment in our home).

Why do cockroaches enter the house

The Beatles, unless they arrive accidentally (for example, brought into food crates or other packaging) they enter our homes in search of food. They are attracted to crumbs, various food scraps and above all by any sugary substance (jam, fruit, sweets and biscuits, chocolate, etc.), based on carbohydrates (pasta, bread, etc.) or from meat (beef, chicken, turkey, fish).

Among the most frequent exogenous causes ascertained in many cases are the works that impact the condominium walls as they can disturb, move or partially destroy cockroach nests that had been created for some time.

What to do to keep cockroaches away from our home

In general, it is necessary to create the conditions for which they cannot survive at ease. In detail, therefore, we will have to think above all about:

  1. Pay close attention to do not leave crumbs and other food scraps on the floor, on the table, under the kitchen cabinets, near the sink drains, especially if sugary (fruit, biscuits, pies or other cakes)
  2. Make the collection differentiates the wet in a scrupulous way, sealing the bags and taking them out of our home AT LEAST once a day.
  3. Store food only in airtight containers
  4. Thoroughly clean (vinegar is an excellent product for this purpose) all corners, drawers and other dark areas of our home.
  5. Carefully seal any cracks, holes or openings in the walls of our apartment. Remember that cockroaches only need a 1 mm gap to enter the house!
  6. Make sure that the windows do not have cracks
  7. Insert special shims under the entrance door or any other French windows that give outwards

What natural products to use to keep cockroaches away

Washing the floor with water and vinegar is the most common and proven natural remedy.

Percarbonate is also effective for sanitizing floors.

There are also repellents that use ultrasound to repel cockroaches, mosquitoes and other insects. Opinions on these products are conflicting, often those who have tried them confirm their effectiveness but in some cases they seem not to have solved the problem

It is certainly worth a try, since their price is quite cheap: on Amazon there are several models around 20-25 Euros.

Among the ultrasonic repellents that have received the highest number of positive reviews (at the date of writing this article 137 reviews of which over 64% positive) I would like to point out the one depicted in the photo below. Find more information and the lowest price on Amazon (17.99 Euro) by following this link.

Ultrasounds are NOT dangerous for humans, children or pets.

Which chemicals to use to ward off (and eliminate) cockroaches

The specific insecticides against cockroaches made with chemicals are available in any supermarket. Among the best known products Raid Max against cockroaches. In my opinion it is ideal for eliminating them when you spot them in your home and you want to avoid "ridiculous attempts to crush them on the floor" which in the vast majority of cases are doomed to fail as the cockroaches move very quickly.

Up Amazon can be found for sale at 5.49 Euros on this page.

After killing the cockroaches remember to air the rooms where you used it.

The most specific chemical against cockroaches and cockroaches and with the highest number of positive reviews it is however the Solfac Liquid gel produced by Bayer: at the moment it has 238 reviews, 86% of which are 5 stars. For this reason and after the usual checks on the veracity of the reviews, it was awarded the "Amazon's choice" award.

It is a gel that you can also inject into the cracks in the walls, thanks to the special syringe.

It is on sale on this Amazon page for 16.39 Euros. It therefore costs more than double compared to Raid but who would have doubts about which one to buy if it resolved the problem with certainty? :-)

However, it is not indicated to be sprayed directly on a cockroach to eliminate it since it is necessary to use the syringe.

Another related article of ours that might interest you is How to get rid of cockroaches permanently.

Types of cockroaches

The cockroach (or cockroach) belongs to the order of heterometabolous insects and its scientific name is Blattodea. They are among the most common insects in the world but do not like the cold so you will not find them above 2,000 meters above sea level or in regions with temperatures well below zero.

There are over 4,000 species of cockroaches on our planet but only 3 families are widespread in Italy:

  1. There Blatta orientalis, commonly called black cockroach, black cockroach, common cockroach, oriental cockroach.
  2. There Germanic Blattella, common names: gray cockroach or stoker cockroach.
  3. There Supella longipalpa, commonly called furniture cockroach or brown banded cockroach.

Because cockroaches in the house are dangerous

The Beatles, arouse an instinctive sense of disgust, also due to the fact of having entered our house "without being invited" and to the fact that in most cases we see them "suddenly", after turning on the light or when we are about to clean a hidden area of ​​our house.

Unfortunately they can be dangerous as they are carriers of viruses, bacteria, protozoa, nematodes and tapeworms which in turn can lead to more or less serious diseases, transmitted through food contamination, among which I mention:

  • dysentery
  • apatite A
  • poliomyelitis
  • salmonellosis
  • legionnaires' disease or legionella.

Cockroaches are also carriers of antigens that can cause the onset of asthma.

I therefore recommend that you pay all the precautions I have listed in this article and if you spot one in your thing I recommend that you act promptly.

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