Konjac sponge: what it is and 10 reasons to use it

Konjac sponge: what it is and 10 reasons to use it

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There Konjac sponge is an important ally for the well-being of our skin. Easy to find, completely biodegradable, it is the result of the processing of a tuber of Asian origin. But why do you have to use this sponge? What benefits can it bring to your skin?

To find out more, and to tickle your attention and your desire to use this product for the face and body, we have summarized below 10 fantastic reasons that should convince you to use this gentle exfoliant. We remind you that we have also talked about Konjac sponge: what it is and where to buy it!

It is extremely gentle on the skin

Konjac sponges are very, very gentle on the skin. They are in fact softer than any other form of sponge, and therefore are ideal for daily exfoliation. Konjac sponges can therefore be used on sensitive, rosaceous and dry skin, which could perhaps become irritated if other harder and more aggressive sponges are used.

It is an important makeup remover

These sponges are particularly useful for being able to remove any makeup residue. Used together with soap and water, Konjac sponges will remove makeup in quantity and quality that is certainly more satisfying than other solutions. Given their delicacy, it is also possible to use them around the eyes, perhaps to remove mascara residues.

Provides good brightness

Konjac sponge acts gently exfoliating the skin, eliminating dead cells and giving the skin a smooth and radiant complexion. And the more you use the sponge, the more pronounced the effects will be! Of course, don't expect shiny skin after a single use, but it is still a treatment that we recommend you follow, because it will allow you to have certainly healthier and shinier skin.

Deep cleans in seconds

To use, simply soak the sponge for about 10 - 20 minutes (if this is the first time you use it), allowing it to expand and soften. Then, give the sponge a splash to release the excess water and then add the cleaning product. Starting from this stage, use the sponge to gently rub your face in circular motions. Once the skin is cleansed and satisfied, rinse the sponge and hang it in dry air overnight. This way you will be ready to use it again the next day, for your fantastic daily beauty routine.

It works, but it doesn't work wonders with acne

Although some companies claim theirs Konjac sponges are able to fight impurities from the skin, don't really expect this to happen too effectively. Konjac sponges are in fact very useful for everything we have seen and will see in the following points, but they will certainly not be able to guarantee miracles against acne and other skin impurities, which could instead be countered with other treatments.

It has a deadline!

Although some Konjac sponges claim to be antibacterial… they are not self-cleaning! Therefore, always try to rinse the Konjac sponge after each use, but keep in mind that even with this due attention, you certainly can't think of using it indefinitely. Generally, throw it away after about a month: storage times could be even shorter if it is used very frequently.

Don't be surprised if you find moisture in the package

Many people think that residual moisture in the packaging Konjac sponges are stored in is a bad sign. In reality, this is not the case: many sponges are in fact placed in a hermetically sealed package which, precisely in order to maintain the best "health" conditions of the sponges, has moisture inside. Therefore, no fear if there is some condensation.

The active ingredients affect the color of the sponge

Konjac sponges come in a variety of colors and… it's certainly not a coincidence! THE colors sponge they are in fact determined by the active ingredients of which the sponge is composed. For example, if Konjac sponge is dark gray, it means it contains charcoal. If it is green, it contains green tea or green clay. If it is white, there may be clay, and if it is red, it probably has French red clay. There is also a Konjac sponge of blue clay and a Konjac sponge of yellow clay. The options are practically endless!

It can be used on the whole body

Konjac sponges were invented by Japanese farmers and originally used for wash children's skin thanks to its characteristics of delicacy. Feel free to use the sponge all over your body, especially on areas (like the chest or back) that may be acne-prone and need extra deep cleansing.

It is biodegradable

Since Konjac sponges are 100% biodegradable, they can be disposed of in separate waste collection, along with vegetables, fruit and plant remains.

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