Autumn games for children: what are they

Autumn games for children: what are they

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From summer games, in parks or on the beach, or in the swimming pool, who can go, to those on the computer or smartphone. It is a step, it is a quick step that many of us fear for children and that is also avoidable if we are the first to make an effort of imagination and presence. Yes, because it is necessary to offer interesting and competitive alternatives and here we want to suggest some of them, so we have compiled a mini guide of autumn games for children. We can do little about presence but remember that it is important to convey to the little ones a way of playing that includes the presence of the other, listening skills and respect.

Autumn games for children: preparation

It is true that the climate of autumn is not immediately as attractive as that of the two seasons that precede it, spring and summer, but there are advantages that we can take advantage of of colors and objects. Yes, exactly. If heaven is not very generous to us, in September and October, it is nature in general that gives us some nice surprises. Let's start with the leaves with which he covers the streets, so colorful that they seem fake. They are a miracle that comes true every year, and that leaves us speechless if we find the time to notice. But that's not all. Looking good, maybe making one walk in a park, we can search and collect too pine cones, wooden twigs, walnuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, acorns. They are all objects that will be useful in the autumn games for children that we are about to learn.

Autumn games for children: what are they

  1. The casket of colors. Given that a massive dose of imagination is always required to play, let's start building a treasure chest that will become our reserve of bright colors on days where the sky tends to gray. Let's take a very simple cardboard box, an old shoe box or something similar. Let's cover it with wrapping paper and create a hole on the lid but not too large: you must not be able to observe the contents. Let's get inside pine cones, twigs, acorns, walnuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts. Each child, then, can approach the box and "fish" an object with his hand. He does not have to extract it but has to feel it for 30 seconds to recognize it. If he remains mute, it's up to another, if he guesses, he can keep the object with him. Whoever wins the most items, who has the richest loot.
  2. Paintings of leaves. The leaves are the object of particular attention in autumn, it is natural to pick them up and collect them but have you ever thought of drawing on them? Try to do it, to also create an original picture. We choose particularly large leaves and let them dry, we could use it to make a beautiful picture. Let's leave it for a while inside a book so that it dries without losing its color, and remains flat, then easy to decorate. At this point we can both decorate it by coloring it, in order to bring out the two already beautiful shades, or use it as a mold to create a themed design. If we choose the second option, we can color with watercolors.
  3. Collage of leaves. Always with the leaves, the protagonists of autumn, we can do our best and create a collage. In this case, one leaf is not enough but you need a lot of them, all dry or to dry and preferably of different shapes. Flattened under a dictionary or a pile of books, they can be placed on a sheet as we prefer. We can try to reproduce known forms or focus on abstract works. We use as a support, however, a cardboard that we can also frame.
  4. Hazelnuts to the target. Have you ever looked closely at the shape of the hazelnuts? In autumn there are many of them around, walking in parks or in the woods, and we can collect them for a new game of skill and balance. Let's take one twenty hazelnuts and cardboard tubes, those that hold the blotting paper. We draw a target and put it on the ground, then we distribute a tube and a nut to each child. The idea is to be able to roll the hazelnut down the tube trying to land it close to the target. With its irregular shape, it won't be easy to be precise. The winner is whoever hits the ball first in the fewest attempts.
  5. Magic pine cones. Another autumn object are the pine cones, mysterious, great bullets for a fight but also magical. Yes. Let's try to verify. Let's take a dozen and put them in a basin of water for half a day. We will find them closed! If we want them to open again, we have to let them warm up a bit.

Autumn games for children: books

After you have experienced these games, you can continue to invent new ones yourself or take inspiration from some books. Here are the ones that in my opinion have the most original and practicable ideas.

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