Live mild, by Antonio Galdo: review and short interview

Live mild, by Antonio Galdo: review and short interview

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I just finished reading "Live mild", The latest book by Antonio Galdo, founder of the site and I found "an impressive coincidence" with the principles of life that have inspired me for 5 years now, or since I dedicated myself to being an entrepreneur, founding IdeeGreen Srl Benefit Company, publisher of

I met Antonio only a few months ago, after having contacted him to evaluate possible collaborations between our two Internet sites, considering the many similarities for the topics covered and for the economic model.

In other sectors or for other people this decision may seem "not very sensible" since in fact our websites are certainly "competitors" in terms of the objective of positioning the respective articles "as high as possible in the Google index. ”To reach a large number of readers. In reality, my decision is proving to be absolutely sensible and a source of great satisfaction for me, because I got to know a person with whom I share many ideas and above all the way to approach life.

From the first meeting, an understanding and mutual esteem was born, which allowed us to quickly start collaborations on various fronts that are giving us great satisfaction.

"Live mild": review

Reading his latest book, "Live mild", Did nothing but confirm my belief in the identity of views that unites Antonio and me.

The book is in fact a distillation of ideas and suggestions to better live our life, putting ourselves behind us negative feelings, like hatred, envy, resentment and greed that too often characterize our society and individuals.

Antonio's advice is often inspired by anecdotes and personal stories which, continuing with the reading, provide us with an increasingly complete picture of his personality and make us understand how much the author has found the right way to a peaceful existence.

I consider myself a very lucky person because since I "changed my life", about 5 years ago, leaving my profession as a company manager to devote myself to being a small entrepreneur, I have managed to put my well-being back at the center of my life , my happiness and that of my loved ones, forever abandoning behaviors, habits and ways of thinking that went in the opposite direction.

Reading “Vivi mild” I found with satisfaction many suggestions that I have already applied to my life and that I try to re-apply every day, because it is not always easy, but when you can you really discover happiness.

Below I want to show you some of the suggestions that I found in Antonio's book and that I also consider very important to allow you to achieve happiness:

  • be kind. With everyone, even with those you don't like and with those who didn't behave well with you. Kindness is an incredible antidote to unhappiness. Anger, aggression and rudeness are instead feelings that lead to unhappiness.
  • think positively. Whether small or large, we all have problems, without exception. However, the way in which we approach problems determines our predisposition to overcome any difficulty and even to transform what we consider a problem into a possible opportunity.
  • try to always consider every question also from the point of view of your interlocutor, of those who think differently from you. I am sure you will benefit from it.
  • donate without expecting anything in return. I guarantee you that this habit is an immense, if unthinkable for many, source of happiness. Also remember that we all have a lot to give and that the best gifts are not those that involve spending money but are those that require your time and your physical availability.
  • cultivate your passions. Passions, whether for a sport, for travel or for a hobby, are the spice of life! Get used to gratifying yourself and do not hesitate, letting go of the first difficulty.
  • be curious. The desire to know and to continue learning is a fundamental ingredient in the recipe for happiness!

What do you think? Are you already adopting one or more of these behaviors? I hope so!

In the book "Vivi mild" you will find many other ideas, advice and anecdotes related to Antonio Galdo's experience. A reading that I suggest to you and which I am sure will help make you happy people.

You can find "Vivi mild" in the best bookstores or you can buy it online on Amazon, following this link, receiving the hard copy at your home or immediately downloading the version in Kindle format.

Brief interview with Antonio Galdo, author of "Vivi mild"

To get to know Antonio Galdo better, I propose below a short interview consisting of 4 questions on topics covered in his latest book ...

Matteo Di Felice: Antonio, I just finished reading your book, congratulations, I found it an excellent read with many interesting ideas! I started my journey towards a "lighter" life 5 years ago when I stopped working as an executive and I dedicated myself to being an entrepreneur, in particular by dedicating myself to our website. And I think that even in your case the "turning point" came when you started Non Waste, leaving the direction of a prestigious newspaper.
But is it possible that it is becoming increasingly difficult to be happy with a "quiet job" as an employee?

Antonio Galdo: More than the ways of working, whether dependent or self-employed, the decline of other factors counts. First of all the wages, too low and too unfair, especially for the youngest and in the face of a cost of living that in the meantime continues to grow. Secondly, speaking of lightness, everything in the workplace has become heavy, also due to authentic fake news that I denounce in the book. That is the fact that being bullying, rude and even violent with the colleague "pays" in terms of salary and career. Although this idea is also conveyed by some research of the usual fried air sellers rigged by field investigations, it is an absolutely false theory. On the contrary, kindness, as Goethe said, is a chain that keeps men together, and by strengthening human bonds, before professional ones, everyone has a better chance to grow, and to multiply opportunities including earnings, even at work. Finally, the choice of independent work, in yours as in my case, is a risk but also a good inner bet. He declines an idea of ​​life that I got used to as a boy: Maximum freedom, maximum responsibility.

Matteo Di Felice: No.n your book, the ideas for a lighter life often start from anecdotes and family stories. What do you think of the role that the family and more generally the affections can play in the path towards happiness?

Antonio Galdo: Family is everything and nothing. Everything if, with its contradictions, its efforts and its paths that always mix pain and joy, it manages to convey something. Values, memory, love for others, the desire to donate without compensation, also because they will arrive and will still be superior to what we have given. It is nothing when it becomes dark, closed in anger, resentment, indifference. And in the solipsism of its components. I grew up in a family where at the table there is always the joy of words and sharing, even in the conflict between different opinions; I look with great sadness at the families where everyone, at the table, has his head more than on his plate in a smartphone.

Matteo Di Felice: Our websites Our website and have many themes and values ​​in common. I hope that our communities can enrich each other by reading their respective articles and participating in the many initiatives. Do you want to start giving our readers some anti-waste advice that is particularly close to heart?

Antonio Galdo: The life. And in order not to waste it, to enjoy it in its fullness, the ingredient of passion cannot be missing in everything you do, whether small or large. More than a piece of advice, it is a wish that I address to your readers, and to mine, quoting a sentence from Seneca, the opening of the book: "Life span is not up to me. Living fully depends only on me“. 

Matteo Di Felice: We have recently met thanks to a person we both respect, Evelyn Baleani, who today supports both of our sites editorially. It is true that networking and collaborations are always a great resource, especially between people who share the same values. But why in today's world are envy, selfishness and the desire to excel at all costs in most cases the dominant feelings?

Antonio Galdo: Here, you have named a person that I suggest everyone to read for the passion with which he works: Evelyn Baleani. Envy, selfishness, resentment, careerism: these are eternal feelings. We must not overestimate them, we have very powerful natural antidotes. Without risks, without side effects and truly capable of keeping us at a safe distance from what the Greeks already called hubris, the mortal sin of the delusion of omnipotence, and from the heaviness of the dark sides of man, of all men. Instead, approaching our white, bright part. The one that can make us light like swallows, and not like feathers.

Matteo Di Felice: Thanks Antonio and congratulations again for your book. I remind all our readers that you can buy it on Amazon by following this link.

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