Christmas swags: how to prepare them!

Christmas swags: how to prepare them!

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Few things like i Christmas festoons they are able to recreate a beautiful festive atmosphere in their home.

And so, given that we are approaching Christmas very quickly, we believe there is nothing better than being able to understand how to make the Christmas banner most unique and personalized you will ever create!

This is a very simple procedure, which you can do alone or in the company of your little ones, to be able to share a very important moment of preparation for the season of the end of the year holidays.

But how to make a Christmas banner? What are the steps you should try to take in order to make a festoon? Let's try to find out more in these few simple steps that will allow you to beautify your apartment with a beautiful Christmas banner!

What are Christmas festoons

First of all, let's clear the field of any doubts ... even if we bet that most of our readers well know that what is the Christmas banner.

When we talk about Christmas festoon we are talking about a decorative object that can be hung on the walls of the house, on shelves, bookcases and any other support, and which carries a well-wishing message.

In this case, obviously, the message can only be that of "Merry Christmas" or, if you prefer, a more generic "Happy Holidays". However, considering that on this occasion it will be you who will have to create it, you can indulge yourself in looking for the message you think is most appropriate to share with all the people who will come to visit you.

Having said that ... let's not waste any more time and understand together what it takes to be able make a Christmas banner and what are the steps you will need to take to be able to do it!

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What you need to make a Christmas banner

The "Ingredients" to be able to make a Christmas banner are very few and within everyone's reach. In fact, all you will need will be a paper support (cardboard, paper, etc.) to cut out, colored markers, ribbons and a raw string that can allow you to keep everything connected.

Of course, the above are the basic elements of the Christmas banner, but nothing prevents you from embellishing and enriching it as you prefer, in line with what your creativity suggests.

How to make the Christmas banner

Now that you've got all the ingredients you need for the Christmas banner, we just have to move on to the operational phase. You will realize that preparing this accessory for the holidays is really very simple, and that there will be no need for any support to be able to complete it in a few minutes. However, if you have children, it is certainly better to involve them: in this way they will feel fully protagonists of the project you are carrying out, and they will also be able to make changes and additions to your festoon ... which will have a completely different emotional meaning!

Having clarified the above, first you must write the message letter by letter on the sheet of paper or cardboard which you will then have to cut out.

If you are not sufficiently familiar with calligraphy, and you fear that the letters you write may be incomprehensible, do not be afraid: on the web you will find pre-printed templates that are easy to use and customize. In short, by downloading the models you find free on the web For example, you can change their dimensions to be able to configure the sizes you want. The choice will obviously be linked to your preferences, as there is no better solution than the others: some people prefer to make each letter occupy an A4 paper, while others prefer to fit the letters into the middle of a traditional A4 sheet.

That said, whether you choose to use a hand technique using colored markers, or you help yourself with your computer and your printer, the letters that make up the greeting message should all be of the same size, so that the Christmas banner is as homogeneous as possible.

Once you have completed the writing, glue each sheet onto a slightly larger portion of cardboard. In this way you will be able to leave a little edge, which can be decorated as you prefer.

At this point, even more than we have been able to say in the last few lines, everything is left to your discretion and preferences. For example, you can leave the cardboard blank, or you can cover it and decorate it with great accessories.

In any case, once the above step has been completed, you will need to pierce each card in two different points: top right and top left. The reason is simple: through these holes you will have to pass the string that will join all the letters and allow you to compose the greeting message. By doing so you can hang the ends in the support that you think is useful to feed with this DIY creation, to be fixed with adhesive tape or tying it to some support.

And if you are still not satisfied with this Christmas banner and want to add an extra touch of magic, you can still embellish it with red and silver ribbon bows that you can then tie between one letter and another.

Finally, we remind you that the alternatives you have at your disposal are truly endless, and that the only limit you should bring is that of your imagination and, above all, the imagination of your little ones. So, green light for your maximum creativity and experiments: you will find that creating a Christmas festoon has never been so fun and so fulfilling!

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