Racing bike: which one to choose?

Racing bike: which one to choose?

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Year after year, the number of cyclists Italians who try to find their satisfaction on the roads all over the country continue to grow. And, with it, also the passion that drives new cyclists to buy a racing bike that can improve performance and fun in the saddle!

But how to choose the best racing bike? What do you absolutely need to know before making this investment?

While referring you - for a fully conscious purchase - to expert advice, below we wanted to clarify some information that could constitute an ideal approach stage towards this world!

Road bikes

The Road bike they are suitable for multiple uses, such as long distance racing, shorter range events, tours and professional racing. They usually have lightweight drop-bar handlebars that fold down, thus putting you in an aerodynamic position, and are a good choice if you want to go fast or are more interested in effectively transferring your energy to get the bike moving in. forward with less effort.

These bikes also allow a greater number of riding positions and hands than bicycles with flat bars, being able to adapt to your comfort and the needs manifested from time to time. Their more aerodynamic riding position (bent forward) can put a strain on your back if you are less flexible and less trained.

Racing bicycles

The racing bicycles they are generally light and aerodynamic bikes, which are built to go fast on the flat and faster on the hills. There are so many varieties that they can be used both for professional races and for more serene and amateur rides with friends. Frames are generally made of carbon fiber or aluminum and have a streamlined design that is as light as possible. Racing bikes generally have quite aggressive geometry, with steep angles that make them move quickly.

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Endurance bikes

The endurance bike they have many of the performance characteristics we briefly recalled a few lines ago when we first introduced racing bikes, but with a frame geometry that puts you in a more comfortable riding position. They typically have taller butt tubes and angled upper tubes to reduce stress on the back and neck. They also often have clearance for wider tires for added versatility and a softer, more comfortable ride. Some endurance bikes have flat handlebars, for those who prefer a more heads-up riding style.

Cyclocross bikes

The cyclocross bike they are light, but strong enough to deal with the extreme conditions of cyclocross (where cyclists are particularly stressed when traveling on roads made of different materials, such as pavement, dirt paths and grass). Most cyclocross bikes have specially designed tires to tackle the challenges of the terrain.

The "travel" bikes

The Touring Bike are a particular category of bicycles. These are bikes that have some changes to the traditional road bike design, making them ideal for long distance tours. They are designed with sturdy frames that can carry heavy loads on the front and rear racks and feature multiple attachment points that allow you to attach racks, fenders, water bottles, pumps, lights and more. Many touring bikes have a longer wheelbase (the distance between the two wheel hubs) than other road bikes and tend to have a lower center of gravity, to make them easier to control. Many touring bikes also have disc brakes to improve stopping power when carrying heavy loads on unpaved surfaces. Within the category of touring bicycles, you will probably also find a further subdivision, between road touring bicycles and adventure touring bicycles, which are made to withstand long distances on gravel roads with wide tires.


As you can well imagine from the few lines that we have chosen to share with you in the last few lines, the world of racing and road bicycles is so wide that it certainly cannot be summarized in the few lines above, but it deserves to be carefully explored in company of an expert.

Therefore, what we advise you to do is stop and talk about your needs with an expert who can support you in completing the selection process for your new racing bike. Through a full sharing of your needs it will in fact be possible to try to arrive at a bike that can satisfy your ambitions, multiplying not only the fun you can try to get from your activities on two wheels, but also the driving comfort and reducing problems. health and discomfort you may have, especially in the early stages of using the vehicle.

We also remind you that if you don't know exactly what your ambitions to use the bike are, because maybe you are trying various disciplines before dedicating yourself more effectively to one of them, you can still try to buy hybrid bikes, which can be used in more versatile way in different fields. In this way you will optimize your investment, postponing the purchase of a more professional bike at a later time, rather than risking a too rash purchase, dictated only by the initial euphoria.

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