Christmas place cards: some suggestions to beautify your table

Christmas place cards: some suggestions to beautify your table

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Making gods Christmas place cards simple, cheap and customized, it could give your table an edge.

But how to make Christmas place cards do it yourself really effective, perhaps using materials that you already have with you at home, or objects that you could recycle, instead of directing to the bin?

Let's try to find out together, sharing some information that maybe will be useful for you to improve the level of knowledge of this clear Christmas element!

Santa Claus

One of the most common Christmas placeholders is certainly represented by Santa Claus but… how to make gods Santa Claus place cards without necessarily having to buy them at the local store or order online?

It's very simple! In fact, all you have to do is take a rather thick cardboard, some markers (at least one red, one black and one pink), some scissors and some glue. Once you have all these ingredients, it will be a breeze to make some Santa Claus Christmas place cards! By the way, if you have young children, why not get them involved in this operation? It will be the right way to share an even stronger Christmas feeling, in this magical time of the year!

Then take the cardboard and draw two isosceles triangles, with about 5 centimeters on each side. Then, fold one of the two triangles in half, so that it can act as a support for the other triangle. Glue the folded corner in the middle of the other cardboard, and you will have just obtained the base of your Santa Claus to use as a placeholder for your set table.

Now, cut out an oval: it will be the face of your Santa Claus. Also cut out a cloud, to fold in half (it will be the beard!) And another, smaller cloud, which will be the pom pom on the typical Santa Claus hat. At this point, cut out another "I" shape, which will form the base of the hat, and then color your Santa Claus using the black, pink and red markers.

While you're at it, you can even write your guest's name in the base of the placeholder, thus making your DIY work even more satisfying!

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Christmas balls

Another clear symbol of the holiday season at the end of the year is certainly represented by Christmas balls which, in this context, will certainly represent an original way to be able to assign the right places to each diner. But how to do it?

Well, it's extremely simple! You probably have some Christmas tree balls that you are not using, because they may be too old. They could become a vintage place card, which you can personalize using a clothespin to hold a card in which you will have written the name of your diner!

You will easily notice that, even in this case, it will be very easy to personalize your work, going from time to time to create a unique and always new configuration: ideal for showing all your Christmas artistic vein!

Pine cones

Speaking of typical elements of this season, the pine cones are certainly a real must!

Also in this case, you will have the useful ingredients to be able to make useful place cards at your fingertips or ... almost. In this period, in fact, pine cones abound in the gardens, and you will certainly have no difficulty in finding one for each diner.

Once this is done, create boxes by cutting out a card, and write the guest's name by hand. Apply the cardboard on top of the pin, using transparent adhesive tape. The effect will certainly be extraordinary: just worry about finding pine cones in good condition and, before putting them on the table, wash them thoroughly and dry them carefully.

Christmas trees

Your apartment will probably already have a Christmas tree but, in this case, we advise you to use its smaller cousins ​​in order to add charm to your table!

Through cone-rolled cards you can in fact create simple place cards in the shape of a Christmas tree, which you can then color as you like and enrich with other elements, thus giving full vent to your creativity. To make the final result even more pleasant, we recommend using wrapping paper for your Christmas trees, which tend to be green.

Ankle boots

Another solution that we really like so much to be able to make excellent Christmas placeholders is certainly represented by logs. Also in this case, nature will give you a hand: in fact you will simply have to get some logs of branches already fallen to the ground (obviously!), With a diameter of about 1-2 centimeters. Get some twigs of 5-6 cm in size, for 2 units for each diner. Then cut them to the same size, so you can simply overlap them.

Then, cut out rectangles of cardboard on which to write the names of your guests, and insert one end of this card between the two logs, then gluing the sides, so that they act as a solid support for your card. If you prefer, you can enrich everything by inserting a pine leaf between the two logs.

In short, as you have easily seen, there are so many opportunities you have to create truly extraordinary Christmas place cards, which you can do alone or in the company of your little ones, to reinvigorate the Christmas feeling that accompanies us in this period. . All you have to do is choose how you want to make these place cards and break any delay: we are sure that in the end your creativity will prevail, and that you will finally be able to deal with the possibility of embellishing your table set with Christmas place cards. unique in their kind!

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