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Best dog harness

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The choice of best harness for your dog it is not easy because the market offers different types of models and it is not always easy to consider all the variables that lead us to identify the best product for our four-legged friend.

In this article you will find the review of four quality harnesses that our editorial team has carefully tested and evaluated for you, listing strengths and weaknesses.

After the reviews, you will find a section dedicated to answering the questions users ask themselves to evaluate the best purchase, based on our experience.

In choosing the ideal harness for our dog we will also have to think about what we believe to be the most important factors both for us and for our four-legged friend: for example, it is possible that it is particularly important for us that the harness is composed in Oxford fabric to ensure maximum comfort for our dog or that it is of the right size so as not to tighten the chest of our four-legged friend too much.

Julius K-9 dog harness: the best

There Julius K-9 dog harness it is the best given its very high quality that allows it to be used even on working dogs.

This dog harness is very comfortable to wear and is equipped with a gray line on the sides made with reflective materials that allow greater control of our four-legged friend during night walks.

The buckles are very resistant and perfectly capable of not being damaged during the winter, even in the event of extreme weather conditions.

Thanks to this type of buckle it is possible to use the product for a long time.

In addition to being of the highest quality, this dog harness allows us to choose different sizes that adapt to every type of dog breed and a vastness of colors that frees our every imagination.


  • buckle very resistant even to extreme weather conditions
  • present in different sizes
  • present in different colors
  • comfortable to wear for our four-legged friend

Points of weakness

  • the lace that passes under the front legs is a bit rough


24,99 € shipping included

Find more information about this dog harness on this dedicated page on Amazon.

Simply Natural dog harness: the safest

There Simply Natural dog harness it is the safest thanks to an excellent escape-proof coupling system.

This harness is suitable for small dogs that have a chest size that varies between 51 and 67 cm.

Thanks to the strips made of reflective material this harness is suitable for night walks, the easy-to-fasten Velcro fasteners instead make the harness one of the safest on the market.

The harness has padding that makes our four-legged friend feel at ease. The package also features an easy-to-grip elastic handle that allows you to spend fantastic moments outdoors with our dog.

This harness is produced with the utmost respect for the environment and tested to avoid any type of animal cruelty.


  • there is a padding
  • tested in respect of the environment and animals
  • reflective strips
  • secure and resistant velcro closures

Points of weakness

  • only suitable for small to medium sized dogs


18,58 € shipping included

Find more information about this dog harness on this dedicated page on Amazon.

MerryBIY dog harness: the cheapest

There harness for dogs MerryBIY despite being the cheapest option, it is presented as a quality product.

The inner lining is soft, breathable and does not irritate the skin as well as being scratch resistant and adjustable.

This product, made of 100% polyester and Oxford fabric, is easily washable.

The knitted fabric makes the harness soft and comfortable but at the same time strong and safe, it also prevents pressure on the neck of our four-legged friend.

This harness, suitable for running, training and walking outdoors, comes in four different sizes: S, M, L and XL.

This product is suitable for medium to large dogs.


  • soft and breathable inner lining
  • easily washable
  • scratch resistant
  • adjustable

Points of weakness

  • harness not suitable for small dogs


15,99 € shipping included

Find more information about this dog harness on this dedicated page on Amazon.

Harness for Rabbitgo dogs: the most comfortable

There harness for dogs Rabbitgo is the most comfortable because it is very easy to wear thanks to the presence of the four adjustable buckles.

In addition to being comfortable, this product is very safe thanks to the presence of reflective strips that guarantee maximum visibility in environments without light and thanks to the elasticated collar that allows our four-legged friend not to suffocate.

This product is made of Oxford fabric and the lining is padded and breathable to avoid irritation to our dog's skin.

This harness is available in 5 different colors and 4 sizes to offer maximum satisfaction to each dog breed.

The colors present are: black, orange, blue, pink and red.


  • padded and breathable bib
  • presence of reflective strips
  • available in different sizes to meet the needs of each dog breed
  • available in different colors

Points of weakness

  • the plastic rings do not make the harness ideal for powerful dogs


24,99 € shipping included

Find more information about this dog harness on this dedicated page on Amazon.

Our answers to the most frequently asked questions of those who are considering the purchase

Question: What are the most important characteristics to evaluate in order to buy the best harness for my dog?

Answer: Before purchasing a dog harness it is important to evaluate its width and the material with which it was produced.

During outdoor walks the dog should not feel suffocated, and it is also important that the harness is padded and breathable.

Question: Are there harnesses that help not to lose our four-legged friend when it is dark?

Answer: Yes, there are harnesses like that of SimplyBIY that have fluorescent strings that allow us to easily identify our dog even after sunset.

Question: How important is it to have a strong harness?

Answer: A resistant harness is important if we have a very lively and powerful four-legged friend because it allows us to have greater control.

However, it is important not to neglect comfort for our dog, often a very resistant harness can be invasive or annoying.

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