Cultivating camellia, useful tips

Cultivating camellia, useful tips

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Grow camellia, instructions for growing autumn and winter flowering camellia - spring. Repotting, fertilizer and care to devote to the plant.

There camellia is a garden plant that gives beautiful blooms. This plant can reach a height of about 6-7 meters and with the right precautions lends itself well to cultivation in pots.

Flowering, when does camellia bloom?

Depending on the species, the flowering period it can start in winter or autumn. There flowering camellia winter begins to bloom around February and continues to bloom throughout the spring. The autumn-flowering camellia begins flowering between September and October and continues to bloom between December and January.

During the flowering period, the camellia is filled with large fragrant flowers, the flowers can have the most varied colors. Depending on the variety, camellias with single, double flowers and double seeds can be had. The flowers have colors ranging from white to red, pink to yellow.

How to grow Camelia Japonica

Warning! These tips are useful for Camellia Japonica and for allblooming camelliasfrom February until late spring.

Among the most common with winter-spring flowering, we can mention the Camelia Japonica. This plant blooms from February until late spring. Let's see in detail how to grow camellia japonicafollowing our directions.

Camellia japonica resists the cold but must be covered and repaired if grown in the north of Italy. It lends itself very well to creating flower beds, borders and hedges but it can also be kept on the terrace: it is well suited for cultivation in pots.

In the cultivation of camellia, the most important aspect to consider is choosing the most suitable growth environment. Here are some pointers.

Location, where to grow camellia

Choose a semi-sunny place and well sheltered from the wind to avoid damaging the plant, even if it resists well to low temperatures, proper care must be taken.

Watering, when to water the camellia

Water the camellia every day during the hot months, in the winter it will be enough to water it only when the soil is excessively dry, an event that can sometimes occur in Southern Italy. Avoid using tap water if it is excessively calcareous.

Fertilization, when and what fertilizer to use

Fertilize the camellia according to a regular fertilization plan, to facilitate the development of the flowers. In autumn it may be useful to apply a specific granular fertilizer forcamellias.

Camellia is an acidophilic plant, if you have a fertilizer for hydrangeas, rhododendrons or azaleas at home, use that too! If not, buy it but don't use a universal fertilizer. Camellia is an acidophilic plant and may not bloom or spoil the foliage if fertilized is unsuitable.

A good fertilizer forcamelliasyou can buy it on Amazon at a price of € 22.90 for a 5 kg bag. We recommend purchasing this fertilizer especially if you irrigate the plants with tap water in the summer. For all information on the product mentioned, please refer to the pageGranular fertilizer with acidifying action.

Fertilization is essential even when the camellia does not bloom or to enrich the soil of the camellia in pot.

Pruning, how and when to prune camellia

It will be necessary to prune the camellia when the vegetation reaches an excessive development, make sure that the light and air can circulate throughout the plant. At the end of flowering it is necessary to remove the withered flowers, while in autumn it will be necessary to remove the dead or damaged branches. This will ensure some fantastic flowers in bright colors.

In Northern Italy the camelia japonicait should be grown in pots and, in case of particularly harsh winters, it will be necessary to protect it with non-woven fabric, especially if the buds have already formed.

Camellia in pot

If it is grown in pots, transplant the camellia about every 3-4 years. Transfer the plant into a larger pot just after purchase: the roots need space.

Both in case of repotting that in case of planting in the garden, make sure that the soil is acidic and rich in organic matter. Always enrich the soil with acidifying granular fertilizer.

Thebest time to repot the camelliafalls in autumn.

How to grow autumn flowering camellia

During the autumn, until January, the species of Camelliaflowers in autumn color our garden. Among those most resistant to cold, also suitable to withstand temperatures down to - 5 ° C, are the species:

  • Camelia sasanqua
  • Camelia vernalis
  • Camelia hiemalis

The care and indications on cultivation that we will see in this paragraph are useful for allcamelliasthat bloom starting in autumn. As for thefertilizationwe refer you to the previous paragraph.

Even if the timing of flowering differs, the nutrient requirements do not change: these camellias are also acidophilic. You can use the same fertilizer but in this case you should start administering it from spring until autumn. Until October you still have time to fertilize the plants. The fertilizer should be given in advance, so before flowering.

Even the rules for therepottingthey do not differ.

Where to buy camellia seeds

Camellia seeds can be purchased in a nursery, at specialized centers or on this Amazon page where you will find a bag of 50 seeds for 8.05 euros.

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