How to make a lip balm

How to make a lip balm

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Lip balm is the faithful ally of many women who care the health of one's lips and want to take care of this delicate part of the face in the best possible way, guaranteeing the lips a healthy appearance, and keeping the risks of cracking, dryness and other small or large discomfort at a distance.

In short, already from this small premise it should be clear that lip balm is one of the natural beauty remedies more useful, simple and discreet. Just put it back in your bag to be able to win the ready availability of this tool at any time of the day and evening, giving our lips a more even look.

If the above is known, it should also be the fact that if you want a lip balm it is certainly not necessary to resort to the purchase of expensive perfumery products. In fact, you can make a nice lip balm even at home, using these simple ones recipes that will tell you how to make lip balm.

All we advise you to do before starting this journey is to find the appropriate containers, or the sticks of the old lip balm. If you don't have any at hand, the small metal boxes (with screw-on cap) that generally house face creams, or samples are also fine.

Once this is done, take a few minutes of time: we will see together how you can make a good one homemade lip balm!

Let's start with a simple recipe with which we advise you to start to get used to it. All you will need is a spoonful of cocoa butter and a spoonful of shea butter. Both of these ingredients are also easily available at the supermarket, but if you still want to use higher quality and natural raw materials, you can also go to a herbalist's shop.

In addition, you will also need a few drops of extra virgin olive oil, or if you prefer and you have it available toalmond oil, and a few drops of essential oil with mint or lavender, which will serve to give you a touch of greater perfume.

Once you have all the ingredients at hand, proceed with melting the two butters in a double boiler. Then, once melted, remove the mixture from the heat and add extra virgin olive oil or almond oil, and one of the essential oils you have chosen to give it a nice scent. Mix everything until the mixture is well blended, pour it into the container you have chosen to use (between the stick and the jar) and then leave in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours.

At the end of this period you will have a natural lip balm that you can use at any time.

Lip balm with orange and beeswax

Once you become more familiar with the simpler DIY lip balm recipe, we can proceed further with understanding how you can refine your experiences with slightly more complicated recipes.

A good alternative is, for example, the lip balm with orange and beeswax. To do this, you obviously need to get not only two teaspoons of cocoa butter, but a spoonful of beeswax, a few drops of sweet orange essential oil and a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil or almonds. And if you don't have cocoa butter, or you prefer to opt for some different version, you can also choose shea butter.

Once this is done, melt cocoa butter, beeswax and oil in a container, in a bain-marie, for a few minutes. Then, add the essential oil that will perfume your lip balm and mix with particular care. Then pour the mixture into the stock or jar and leave it in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours.

The variants of the DIY lip balm

At this point you should also have realized that it is possible to make many variations following the same recipe, and keeping the cocoa or shea butter as a fixed point, and the oils.

For example, a pleasant alternative is represented by adding a small square of chocolate that you will melt together with the ingredients, in a bain marie, or add vanilla oleoresin for an even more particular aroma. We also like the addition of a little cinnamon powder, which will allow you to have a lip balm with an exotic aroma.

In short, as always we were able to clarify on our site when we presented simple and basic do-it-yourself recipes, a lot depends on you and your desire to experiment.

Evidently, also pay attention to do not overdo it. The lips are in fact a very delicate part of your face and body, and you should certainly not subject them to too much stress, perhaps using aggressive ingredients that would end up damaging them, rather than protecting them.

So if you have any doubts, talk to your referring doctor or dermatologist, who will certainly direct you to the best lip health products!

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