No to the Bayer-Monsanto Seed Act

No to the Bayer-Monsanto Seed Act

At this time, the national government and multinational agribusiness companies such as Bayer-Monsanto, Syngenta, Corteva or Bioceres are promoting the modification of the Argentine Seed Law.

You will say, what does this have to do with me, right? Well, it has a direct impact on your food plate, because seeds are at the base of the agri-food system. In other words, behind everything you eat, there is a seed.

That these companies advance in applying intellectual property rights implies that they appropriate them, and thus the quality of what we eat and the price they pay is put in check. It also makes it more difficult to build another model based on Agroecology that guarantees us healthy food at fair prices.

Avoiding the modification of the Seed Law is a fight that we all have to give.


Source: Huerquen, Collective Communication

Video: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - Monsanto and Democracy Capture. Soil Not Oil 2019 (October 2020).