Bears threatened by global warming eat garbage

Bears threatened by global warming eat garbage

The ice is melting due to climate change and these poor polar bears were forced to leave their natural habitat and eat garbage to survive.

Polar bears began to migrate to an arctic archipelago located in Nueva Zembla in the north of the great country: Russia.

At the moment there were more than 50 polar bears prowling the town and its more than 3,000 inhabitants are frightened. The authorities recommend not leaving the houses.

The mayor of the municipality has reported that some bears show "aggressive behavior", and that they have even attacked several people, and have entered houses and public buildings.

Several users of social networks have shared images and videos of the group of bears, prowling the streets, entering a nursery and rummaging through the garbage in search of food.

Bears looking for food in the garbage

This video was recorded in a Russian Archipelago, where due to the melting of ice and lack of food, these animals felt forced to leave their natural habitat so as not to starve. Today they are looking for remains in the garbage ... What are we humans doing?

Published by The Voice of Mother Earth sur Lundi February 11, 2019

The Federal Environmental Resources Agency reports that "targeting animals could be the last measure in case of need", it does not authorize killing them because it is a protected species, before it recommends shooting into the air, honking and raising barriers. But apparently these latest measures have failed to stop the invasion of these animals.

“Polar bears depend on seals for food and seals depend on sea ice. Global warming is melting the ice and causing a chain reaction on the survival of polar bears, ”Liz Greengrass, director of the UK animal conservation charity Born Free Foundation, told CNN in 2018.

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