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Why should you eat onion?

Why should you eat onion?

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It is good that from time to time, someone who knows a lot, and who has dedicated himself to studying the properties and riches that natural foods provide us, such as Carlos Kozel and his book Counselor of Natural Medicine, remind us of their nutritional and curatives in order to stimulate us and encourage us to a greater consumption of them.

The onion stimulates the appetite and regulates the functions of the stomach, it is diuretic, therefore it is an important means, as a cleanser of the organism.

It is also very good for all respiratory conditions, when we have a cough, colds, colds, flu, bronchitis, if we prepare the juice of 1 onion together with the juice of 1 lemon and 2 tablespoons of honey and drink it hot it will help us recover .

We must not forget that raw or cooked onions or also their juice, work very well in case of constipation.

Onion is a great disinfectant, therefore eating it especially raw helps us protect ourselves against infectious diseases.

Other of its properties is that it helps us to fight dandruff and hair loss, making friction on the head, with its juice frequently.

Contains vitamins and mineral salts, sulfur, phosphorus, iron, calcium, sodium, magnesium, etc ...

For those who are diabetic, incorporating onion into their treatment is very important since they need to purify their blood and onion helps to do so by disinfecting it, since it works by eliminating impurities from the blood, making it cleaner and purer and therefore with more defenses.

As a final point we suggest, taking advantage of the generosity and knowledge of Mr. Kozel, this simple formula to help us cleanse and rejuvenate our skin.

Extract the juice from a raw onion and apply it once or twice in a row, on the face, massaging it until it is completely absorbed. This procedure beautifies our face. Let's not miss out on this opportunity as it is easy, fast, cheap and harmless.

Source: Counselor of Natural Medicine
Carlos Kozel
Editorial LatinoAmericana

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