Tree Man dies and his legacy of more than 5 million planted trees remains

Tree Man dies and his legacy of more than 5 million planted trees remains

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Vishweshwar Dutt Saklani has planted more than 5 million trees in his life, transforming the region of India where he lived, into a real forest.

Known as “tree man”, he passed away on January 18 at the age of 96, but left a beautiful legacy for the world.

Relatives of Vishweshwar say that he started planting trees when his brother died, as a way of coping with the grief. Years later, in 1958, his first wife died and he went on to dedicate himself even more to farming.

When he started planting, some people were against him, as he extended the forest to areas considered private property. He never let himself down and his work was gradually being recognized and respected in the community in which he lived.

The last seeds Vishweshwar sowed were 10 years ago. Lack of vision was his greatest enemy and caused the tree man to end his mission at the time.

According to the testimony of Santosh Swaroop Saklani, son of an ecologist to The Indian Express, he lost his sight due to an eye hemorrhage caused by dust and mud from the plantations.

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