If we continue like this, soon the Earth will be uninhabitable

If we continue like this, soon the Earth will be uninhabitable

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There are things from this crazy time in the history of humanity, which no matter how much we give them we will never finish understanding.

Strange things happen in this world, the problem is that there are so many that one is already anesthetizing and getting used to it until something that should give us chills, seems normal, habitual, or worse, we don't even see it.

Entire forests with the most incredible biological diversity, become tree plantations, which will mutate into packaging for luxury consumer goods, which will later become garbage.

Rivers that like veins fill vast territories with life, are forced to flood valleys and become inert lakes, sources of disease and producers of death so that we can turn on televisions, irons, microwaves, polishes vacuum cleaners and the advertising posters that "deface" our cities .

The mountains also suffer alterations that they would never have expected. In a short time they are exploited, crushed, pulverized, intoxicated and moved once the task of removing everything that represents economic value has been completed.

And the oceans. Three-quarters of the planet is water, they taught us since we were little. What they didn't tell us is that over the course of our short lives most of it was going to be polluted, looted and that a large number of the species that gave it life were going to become extinct.

But the air causes us real problems, it is so big and restless that it is taking us a lot to see the effects of what we are doing to it. However, some cities like Santiago de Chile or Mexico City offer us a test of how good it can be to produce respiratory and epidermal diseases if our desire to contaminate it is sufficient.

Among all this, among all these strange things that we make happen in this world, there are Human Rights. We say that they are inalienable, innate and universal, that States have the obligation to recognize them, ensuring their enjoyment and protection to each person who inhabits their territory. We constantly sign and ratify international treaties and even universal declarations. And we do not fulfill them.

While some people spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on an exotic delicacy, a vintage wine, jewelry, furs, cosmetic surgeries and even space travel, others, many others, more than a billion others, are malnourished, do not have nothing to eat, nothing to feed your children. They also do not have potable water to drink or wash. And of course they have no access to health, or education, or anything but a short life in the waiting room of death.

It is a very crazy time that we have had to live, there are many things that no matter how much we give them, we will not be able to understand. Luckily, some of us still have a chance to decide whether to ignore them and leave them as they are, or try to change them. What will you do?

Ricardo Natalichio

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