Solid shampoo: For you and the planet, you should use it

Solid shampoo: For you and the planet, you should use it

Solid shampoo is for all hair types. It is vegan friendly and cruelty free.

How solid shampoo came about

Its creation came about accidentally when a new solid soap base was created that generated much more lather than normal soaps. The product quickly gained interest for natural cosmetics and ingredients based on plants, herbs, fruits and aromatic essences were incorporated, until the final result was available in the world market.

How does it apply

Its application is similar to conventional shampoo. It can be applied directly to wet hair and begin to massage the scalp or rub it in the hands beforehand.

Its incorporation in hair hygiene is recommended progressively so that the hair gets used to it. At first you may notice a different texture, something heavier or rough, but with its use, the hair fiber acquires softness, shine and life.

Its benefits

Its benefits in terms of hygiene and the environment are much greater than the traditional liquid shampoo.

Its natural origin, withoutparabens nor sulfate, it is ideal for sensitive skin. Another of its special ingredients are essential oils, capable of stimulating the scalp, for a deeper wash.

Conventional shampoos tend to leave residues that, in the long run, accumulate on the hair, taking away its natural shine, generating dandruff, cerebrospinal fluid and other skin conditions.

It is ideal for sensitive skin as it avoids the direct contact of the product with the scalp (only the foam comes into contact) and, therefore, the irritation that some ingredients in washing products can cause on the skin.

Each bar has an average useful life of between 80 to 100 washes, and to extend its use it is necessary to store it in a dry place. A single wash is enough, you do not need a second pass as is usually done with conventional shampoo. A solid shampoo tablet is equivalent to approximately three medium-sized bottles of liquid shampoo, making it a profitable and economical product.

Another advantage is that it pollutes much less, since it is not packaged in plastic bottles, reducing the impact on the environment.

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It is also much more practical to transport on trips, it takes up less space, it is lighter and the undesirable spills of conventional shampoos are avoided.

With this format of shampoo, the hair will be natural, without the silicones that mask it and do not allow the entry of nutrients.

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