Beyoncé and Jay-Z encourage their fans to go vegan

Beyoncé and Jay-Z encourage their fans to go vegan

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are encouraging their fans to adopt a plant-based diet, explaining that going vegan is, in their opinion, a matter of global importance.

With a combined net worth of approximately £ 990 million and a host of musical accolades between them, the Carters are regarded as one of the most powerful couples in the world.

Now they are using their influence to promote the benefits of veganism just in time for Veganuary, an annual challenge that sees many people trying to stick to a plant-based diet throughout the month of January.

The couple wrote about the impact veganism has had on their lifestyles in the introduction to The Greenprint: Plant-Diet Diet, Best Body, Better World, a book by Beyoncé's personal trainer, Marco Borges.

"We used to think of health as a diet: some worked for us, some didn't," they say, according to People

"Once we saw health as the truth, instead of diet, it became a mission for us to share that truth and lifestyle with as many people as possible."

“We are going to take this position together. We will spread the truth. Let's make this mission a movement. "

In March 2018, Beyoncé revealed that she was following a plant-based diet when preparing for her performances at the Coachella music festival.

He announced his lifestyle change by posting a photo of some food on Instagram along with the caption: “44 days until Coachella! Vegan time! "

The singer followed a vegan diet formulated by the 22 Days Nutrition meal planner, a program that she co-founded with her husband and Borges.

Jay-Z wrote about going vegan in a 2013 blog post on the 22 Days Nutrition website, describing it as a "spiritual and physical cleanse."

A recent survey by found that more than 3.5 million Britons now identify as vegan, a number that has increased dramatically in recent years.

Professor Carolyn Roberts, former director of the Knowledge Transfer Network on Environmental Sustainability at the University of Oxford, believes that this increase may be largely due to a change in attitude towards environmental issues.

"Estimates suggest that if all of our meat eaters switched to a vegan diet, it would cut the total greenhouse gas emissions associated with food in half," he said.

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