Sugar from head to toe

Sugar from head to toe

“… When I found out that my 10-year-old son was eating more than his own weight in sugar each year. It is not an original amount. It is what each creature is calculated to eat eating “baby food”.

Yogurts, juices, cookies, breads, pasta: everything has sugar. Why? Because sugar has the super power to make everything more palatable, also salty. Knock down the will, satiety, sanity. It produces addiction and, in the long run, problems.

Tooth decay, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cancer, depression - there are studies linking excess sugar to all of that. And there is research that shows that the industry has known this since the 1960s. And that since then, following the tobacco industry closely, they have been in charge of hiding evidence, conducting counter-studies that take the truth as a lie, and hiring "experts" that they communicate to the population that what is important is moderation, or “the fair share”.

We don't have laws that require grocery manufacturers to say how much sugar they add.

Although the WHO says that it is best to limit it to 6 teaspoons a day, and that children under 2 years should eat 0 grams. Sugar can be added in 56 different ways: sucrose, corn syrup, concentrated juice, lactose, must ... At these amounts, they all cause damage.

The pump is denoted. And since children have brand-new bodies, we don't realize that we are exposing them to an insane combo.

"I want to eat what everyone eats," my son would tell me. And although in my house I decided not to enter more ultra-processed, loose in the world is still facing the same problem. For this reason, because food is a collective fact and not an individual one, we have to change social agreements. Let's stop seeing as normal that in schools instead of drinking fountains there are kiosks, that birthdays are toxic events, that we serve them special food. They are not of another species, they are little humans who deserve to be cared for, eat food that does them good "

By Soledad Barrutti from the book "Malcomidos"

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