Hotel simulates poor neighborhood for luxury clients

Hotel simulates poor neighborhood for luxury clients

World statistics indicate that one in eight people live in precarious conditions, in the so-called marginal neighborhoods, barriadas, villas, favelas ...

There is tourism for everything

The practice of "slum tourism" has become a popular way for tourists to engage with poverty on a personal level.

A proposal in South Africa is the Emoya Luxury Hotel and Spa, near Bloemfontein, and offers a dozen shacks made of scrap and corrugated metal that simulate a slum as an ideal setting for your next corporate retreat, wedding anniversary or clients. eccentrics "..

“Now you can experience staying in a Shanty within the safe environment of a private game reserve. This is the only Shanty City in the world equipped with underfloor heating and wireless internet access ”, details the hotel's website. They offer all the "quaint" of poverty, without the hassle of crime, disease, or poor sanitation.

The cost of the rooms

Rooms will cost you around $ 82 a night, which some have pointed out is a half-month salary for the average South African.

Opinions on the famous accommodation page Tripadvisor were mixed. While one guest praised it as a “real experience,” and even enjoyed a barbecue under the stars at his shack, another cautioned that the slums don't offer good value: “Don't even consider staying in Shanty Town. For the price you can stay in a luxurious hotel with breakfast.

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