Ecological, natural or artificial Christmas tree?

Ecological, natural or artificial Christmas tree?

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The holidays are coming and the dilemma of every year, we build a natural or artificial tree, or better a reusable one or with recycled materials?

Every year 80% ofnatural trees that we bought for Christmas end up in thegarbage container. Only 20% replant the trees.

On the other hand theartificial trees they are not the best solution either, they arepollutants, and are made with non-renewable materials. The materials most used for its manufacture arePVC, one of themost harmful plastics derived from petroleum and aluminum.

Theartificial trees, have the advantage of beingreusable for a long time, but when we throw them away they will be part ofnon-degradable garbage Ypollutant. During its manufacture, elements are detachedtoxic that pollute theenvironment Your planet.

The most sustainable option would be to buy a Christmas tree fromcontrolled organic farming, and to be able to convert it later into compost, when its useful life ends.

Ecological and rustic Christmas tree

The most sustainable option would be to make a tree withrecycled materials and thus help theenvironment.

We have opted forrustic materials, very easy to get and cheap.

Ideas to create a rustic ecological Christmas tree

For example astairs It can be used to create a beautiful and original Christmas tree. It is an easy to do and creative option. It can be decorated step by step with different ornaments created by ourselves.

Another rustic and very current idea is the use ofpallets. Today it is very fashionable to use pallets to make furniture, and as a decorative element to personalize rustic environments.

We suggest you also use these pallets to create your owneco christmas tree. We can paint a tree on the pallet and nail decorative elements.

Christmas tree with tree trunks or branches, tied with rope so that they do not fall, until the tree is formed, which we will later decorate and have an original and rustic Christmas tree.

Create your own Christmas decorations

Avoid decorating the tree withplastic ornaments and cheap decorations. These decorations have ahigh environmental cost, while there are other options that in less quantity, can be more effective and beautiful.

It is better to make yourself, with your children or as a family, all the Christmas decorations withecological and sustainable products.

Making your own decorations will be very rewarding, because it will have your personal touch and will allow you to use your creative skills anddevelop children's.

There are many things that can be done at home, with materials that we have or withrecycled materials, and fairly easy to do.

You can use recycled materials, such as bows, ribbon, fabrics, colored paper, Christmas cards from other years, magazines, etc., reuse old decorations to create new ones.

We can also doedible ornaments. The decorationsmade with cookies the children will like them very much.

Usenatural materials from the outside as decoration. Pine cones, branches, berries, tangerines etc., to make wreaths, centerpieces, simple ornaments, etc.


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