With the excuse of G20 security they evicted the Velatropa Village

With the excuse of G20 security they evicted the Velatropa Village

The eviction of the Velatropa Village was at the request of the Ministry of Security, arguing that it was within the exclusion perimeter of the G20. For this Saturday, December 8, a solidarity cultural day is called on the red bridge.

In Ciudad Universitaria there is a three-hectare property whose abandoned foundations were to be the base of Pavilion 5 of said headquarters. Converted into a garbage dump over time, the students of the faculty recovered the space with the installation of vegetable gardens, among other activities. Today it is a village open to the community whose property is part of the buffer zone of the Ciudad Universitaria - Costanera Norte ecological reserve (RECU-CN).

This is how Velatropa became since 2007 an autonomous and voluntary community within the Ciudad Universitaria campus, whose main objectives are "to systematize the exchange of knowledge, knowledge and appropriate technologies according to the Eco-Sustainable paradigm", "to disseminate new models open and participatory citizen organization ”and“ strengthen the ecological awareness of the urban population ”.

For its part, the Ciudad Universitaria Community Nursery (ViCCU) was created in 2015 by students, graduates, teachers and researchers from the Faculties of Exact and Natural Sciences (FCEN) and the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism (FADU) from the University of Buenos Aires. It works as part of the proposal of the Velatropa Experimental Interdisciplinary Center and its priority function is to provide trees to the RECU-CN reserve and to the entire campus of Ciudad Universitaria. They also promote the dissemination of knowledge related to sustainability, ecology and environmental education.

Both projects work together to protect the reserve's buffer zone and protect it. They work especially germinating and reforesting with native species of the area to recover local biodiversity and protecting the wetland area adjacent to the UBA buildings.

However, on Wednesday 11/28 at noon, police forces appeared on the premises together with officials from the UBA and the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, to vacate the place because it was within the exclusion perimeter of the G20. Velatropa and Viccu denounced that as soon as they were evicted, some 30 people with edgers entered, lowered the signs indicating the projects and began to wire the property.

La Izquierda Diario contacted Bruno, a historical member of Velatropa, who told us that “at the beginning of last year we learned that there was a criminal case for usurpation and we made a spontaneous presentation before Judge Casanello. The case was initiated in 2015 by the lawyers of the University of Buenos Aires and was stopped until last year ”.

“Since 2015, conflicts have arisen over the intention to build parking lots for cars, which we managed to stop, but the mayor of Ciudad Universitaria filed this complaint. At that time, Casanello decided that the space was occupied in a peaceful way, open to the community and with community activities, for which reason it decided to put the parties to mediate, ”said Bruno.

The Velatropa member says that they appeared in all the instances in which they were summoned and not the UBA, until in May of this year they were called to a mediation instance, but they were only asked that they should leave, without any type of dialogue.

“When we thought that there would be no news until next year, everything changed with the G20 and the property was within the maximum security area. It was the Ministry of Security of the GCBA that made a presentation requesting the immediate eviction ”, he adds.

The groups that make up Velatropa and Viccu, in addition to many other people interested in protecting the place and the activities that are being carried out there, held an assembly on Monday 3 at the door of Pavilion 3 (FADU) of Ciudad Universitaria to decide the steps to follow and plan new actions.

For now, next Saturday, December 8, starting at noon, they call an open and participatory activity on the "red bridge" that connects the Pavilion with the Reserve. The day will feature workshops and content related to environmental and cultural education.

EVICTION IN VELATROPA !! Come on MONDAY, December 3, 10 am At the Gate of FADUVelatropa Eco Community Nursery Ciudad Universitaria - Viccu Community Medicinal Garden University City # yoxVela #velatropa #educasiembraytransforma #VICCU #HuMeCCU #NosPlantamosEnVelatro

Publiée by Velatropa Eco sur Jeudi 29 November 2018

By Laura Borse

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