How to wake up early and energetic- Tips for getting up early

How to wake up early and energetic- Tips for getting up early

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If you're having trouble waking up early, this video provides some tips that can help you get into this habit.

The first thing to say about this issue is that you should create positive expectations from the night before, if before going to sleep, you generate an optimistic thought about how your next morning will be and what your night will be like, you can predispose your subconscious so that you can rest better and therefore get up as a better mood.

Another very important thing to say about this issue is that you should get enough sleep, if you don't, you will wake up tired and without energy no matter what you do, therefore, popular belief tells us that we need eight hours sleep, but the number of hours from one person to another may differ, therefore, try to establish a trial period in which you can sleep a different number of hours each day, and thus you can establish how many hours are necessary for you to have levels of optimal energy, it is to know that on many occasions our obligations do not allow us to sleep eight hours sleep eight hours, but if possible you should ensure that your sleep is not less than a period of six hours, sometimes a very difficult Common, is that we can not fall asleep early, this happens because in the modern world in which we find ourselves we are exposed to the light of many devices, which prevents our body from producing at night melatonin, which makes it difficult for us to fall asleep, so you should ensure that twenty minutes before going to sleep, you try not to use electronic devices.

Once you have made sure you sleep well, you can adopt some measures to have more energy in the morning, the first of them, is to leave your curtains ajar, this allows the clarity of the sun to prevent your body from producing more melatonin, which will allow you to wake up naturally, a second measure you can take is to leave your alarm clock out of your reach, this in order that you are forced to get up to deactivate the alarm, something else to keep in mind, is that you try to have a glass or two of water this will increase your energy levels notably.

Finally, it is important to clarify that although for some people it is very beneficial to get up early, there are others who show better performance at other times of the day, which leads us to conclude that obtaining satisfactory results in your life does not depend exclusively on forming this habit. If for any reason your obligations require it, you should do so, otherwise it will be better to find your most productive days so that you can develop your work better.

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