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Homemade and natural apple cider

Homemade and natural apple cider

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Homemade and natural apple cider is a probiotic drink that helps eliminate harmful bacteria from our body and fight candiadiasis, in turn, diversifies and strengthens the good bacteria in our intestines.

Another of its properties is to improve the immune system and reduce allergies.
It also promotes quick and easy digestion in the stomach and intestines and helps the absorption of nutrients.

If the cider is not homemade, is lean, and is commercial, these benefits will almost certainly not exist. That is why the importance of taking our food into our hands and not leaving it in the hands of the industry, and thus, returning to the ancestral practices that bring us so much health and well-being.

One piece of advice, when you see that your apples are beginning to fill with internal brown spots, don't throw them away as this is the best time to make homemade cider. Those spots indicate that there is good bacterial activity to start the fermentation. Although if you want to make cider with good apples, you can also, but in order to avoid throwing them away, just cut the little brown piece and keep the good pieces to make the recipe.

Ingredients100% handmade, 100% probiotic, 100% refreshing

5 apples, cut into regular pieces
2 or 3 liters of filtered water without chlorine or jug
1 piece of piloncillo, panela, papelóno as you know it in your country. (250 grs. Muscovado sugar)
1 large and sufficient glass container (important that it is glass)


We place the apple pieces in the container and then pour the water at a distance of 30 cm. approximately so that it is oxygenated and air bubbles enter that favor fermentation. It is known as hitting the water or oxygenate the water.

Add the piece of brown sugar and cover well with a clean cloth, fixing with a rubber band or rubber band to prevent dust or flies from entering our fermentation with bad bacteria and mold. It is important that it be a cloth because we need oxygen for this type of fermentation, which is called aerobic fermentation.

We let it rest for approximately 4 to 5 days, depending on the weather. If it's cold, it will take longer, but if it's hot, it may take less time. You can begin to see activity in the form of bubbles after the first 24 hours.

Observe and stir your cider once a day with a clean plastic or wooden spoon, never metal and cover again. When it is full of bubbles and you see that when you move it there is a gas outlet, its aroma is pleasant, its flavor is slightly vinegary but sweet at the same time, and the liquid is already cloudy, that is the time to enjoy it, which, as I explained, must be on day 4 or 5.

Ready, strain and empty into a glass container keeping it in the refrigerator to stop the fermentation. Very cold, enjoy with your family and friends a delicious, healthy and refreshing homemade and natural apple cider.

Optional: can be added to add cinnamon flavor, or star anise when serving.

To enjoy!

Recipe from "The Green Kitchen"

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