How to cure allergies and not just cover your symptoms

How to cure allergies and not just cover your symptoms

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His friend looks at his bloodshot eyes, hears his covered voice and accepts the explanation "It's my allergy", as if the symptoms he sees were the disease itself. This pun is not an accident. We are conditioned by a thousand ads a day to equate illnesses with their symptoms. Headache, back pain, bronchitis, eczema, arthritis, tinnitus, asthma, high blood pressure, over and over again, are generally not diseases in themselves, but rather the signs of the disease. The illusion is that by temporarily covering up the signs, we have now cured the disease. The illusion is that by naming the signs, we have identified the disease.

Could not be farther from the truth.

You have a headache. Solution, scheduled every five minutes on TV: Tylenol, Advil, whatever, will that do what? That's right: remove the pain. But wait, the pain wasn't the cause of the problem. The headache had a reason; It was a sign of something else. Neck spasm, intoxication, emotional stress, sinus allergies, trauma, spinal misalignment, drugs, chemical sensitivity, overwork, dehydration, hunger, pain can come from many sources. The pill didn't solve anything, it didn't cure anything. As soon as it's gone, guess what? Right - the pain comes back. So what are we taught to do? More pills.

Same with allergies. Allergies are not watery eyes and stuffy noses. Something strange is triggering the body's cleansing responses. Like walking behind a smoky bus when it starts. You inhale the fumes and begin to cough and choke, with watery eyes. That is an allergic response. Humans are allergic to bus exhaust. Drops of water to clarify the eyes. The cough reflex is triggered to forcibly expel toxic fumes before they are inhaled. It happens in an instant.

Tolerance is an adaptation to stress. When we get used to an irritant, the body finally gives in to trying to expel it. Like a bus mechanic. After a few weeks or months of breathing in these fumes every day, the body does not work as hard. The sensitive mucous membranes in the mouth and nose harden a bit, and the mechanic learns to "take" them. You are becoming less sensitive to a poison: carbon monoxide. It doesn't mean it doesn't kill him; it just means that the body is getting used to that degree of poisoning. The irritant is no longer eliciting as strong a cleaning response as it used to.

Same with someone learning to smoke cigarettes. He coughs and chokes at first, but soon gets the hang of it. The body's ability to rid itself of toxins gradually weakens.


We have all heard of antihistamines. Pills and sprays that uncover stuffy noses. They work by blocking histamines. Our white blood cells produce histamines to trigger protective mechanisms, such as holding the nose, making the eyes dry, and stopping digestion. Allergy medicine is generally an antihistamine, which unnaturally interferes with the body's normal attempts to protect itself. Mouth, nose, and eyes - that's the first line of defense.

When antihistamines block the passage of these normal cleansing responses, the irritant or allergen or antigen is allowed to enter further into the body than it ever would have. This is a side effect of antihistamines. You may be thankful that you can breathe again, but for any medication, there is always a trade-off. The problem wasn't the stuffy nose or the watery eyes; The problem was the allergen: the irritant. Antihistamines do not touch the underlying cause; they simply suspend the body's ability to respond with its normal cleansing mechanisms. Result: tolerance. Toxification.

Isn't this obvious? Holistic practitioners tire of explaining this obvious fact to their patients over and over a dozen times a day. It's like you're driving down the highway and suddenly you hear this horrible pounding noise coming from the engine. Then you turn the radio on full blast to cover the noise. Pretty stupid, but that's precisely what we're doing with allergy medications.


The allergy treatment approach should be to eliminate the underlying stimuli of the sinus blockage and the watery nose and eyes. First, identify the causative factor. Cat hair, dust, pollen, shellfish, wool, etc.? I do not think so. Normal people can be around all this and not react. Genetics? The usual excuse, when the "experts" run out of ideas. We have no idea, so we're just going to move on to the standard category: genetics.

As long as we don't know it, the best we can do is keep buying and selling antihistamines and their derivatives. As a $ 15 billion a year industry, why would anyone want to question it? Doctors sell drugs; That is why we go to them. If you want health, well, that's a completely different topic.

There is another possibility here that thousands of people have records.

There is another possibility here that thousands of people have discovered in recent years. A new paradigm must be considered to explain the consistent success detox patients have in solving their chronic allergies. This construction can be called the threshold of reactivity. It is really very simple.


Have I ever been to a grocery store and noticed all these rotund little racks running down the aisles whining to Mom, they buy me this, Mommy, I want this ... pointing to all the refined, fattening foods they learned to need from watching TV in TV? And then you see all those same items showing up at the checkout counter?

Have you ever been to a fast food restaurant and noticed those little paper cups they have to give babies Coca Cola?

American children are getting fatter, sicker, and dumber than ever before in our history. This is not just a provocative statement, but is easily documented in all relevant scientific and government statistics on allergy, obesity, and neurodevelopment.

Here's the key idea from this chapter: Processed refined foods cannot be digested. When a boy is born, his tract and blood are clean and clear. When you start eating all this non-metabolizable junk, the residual sludge builds up in the digestive tract and in the blood. Let's call this accumulation the toxic load.

Well, let's say there is a Threshold, a level of toxicity below which the child does not react to junk foods: no asthma, watery eyes, runny nose, skin rashes, etc. But as time passes, the toxic load builds up. to the point where one day he crosses the line, exceeds the threshold, and now the child reacts; any type of allergic reaction can occur. At that time, the patient has accumulated such a load of accumulated toxic foods that it has exceeded the body's ability to deal with them, to break them down and process them. We say that you have reached the threshold of reactivity, it is the end of childhood, in a healthy sense.

Result: asthma, allergies, skin conditions, cough, bronchitis, chronic fatigue, lack of development, etc. So what do most people do at that time? Take the child to the doctor and consult the 15-year-olds who became a Resident that week, who after a five-minute interview declares that the child has “allergies” due to a genetic deficiency of Benadryl or other medications. And in one fell swoop, the patient is now classified as allergic and administered a drug regimen that will last for years. Not a word about the box of frosted flakes and the 4 donuts the kid eats for breakfast or the 4 sodas he has at school all day or the carton of ice cream he needs for his midnight snack, no. Buy it now that is taken into the equation. No, this is all genetic. It is not your fault.

Do you know anyone about allergy medications? Do you still have allergies?


So we have a different idea besides drugs. It breaks down and removes the toxic sludge that has accumulated in the tract and blood over all these years. Lower the threshold below the threshold first, and then remove the toxic load completely, using the 60-day program.

What do 99% of allergic Americans have in common? Undigested food Undigested food accumulates in the digestive tract, in the blood, in the tissues, organs and joints. It remains for months and years and cannot be dislodged by any of the body's methods. And the last and most persistent of these methods is the Inflammatory Response: the body's intent why? Right: attack and expel the intruder.

The chronic accumulation of undigested food points to two main deficiencies within the body: enzymes and flora.



The reader is directed to the entire chapter on enzymes [22] for review. In short, enzymes are what has been removed from food to make it last as long as possible on American supermarket shelves.

Enzymes are necessary for the breakdown and digestion of food. Without them, the body makes a valiant effort to employ its own digestive enzymes to do the job. The problem is that many of the soft foods we eat today are completely new to the human species in the last 100 years. New chemicals and preservatives have been introduced into our food supply to flavor and preserve. The rich, oxidizing fats in French fries and French fries are just too rare. Our bodies cannot break them. After a certain number of attempts, the body gives up. At that point, a lot goes in, but little goes out. That's the main reason older people have a hard time eliminating. And many young people too.

Food allergists and clinical ecologists spend a great deal of time establishing elimination diets to find out which exact foods cause a patient's allergic symptoms. Much more applicable and effective would be a shotgun approach: enzyme supplementation, because we generally eat a processed diet without enzymes. People don't eat corn, bananas, and cashews as much as processed peanut butter, Hamburger Helper, Taco Supremes, Big Macs, pizza, French fries, cheetos, chocolate pudding, sausage, Newton figs, and French fries.

The soft drink industry in America is $ 54 billion per year. ([18] Wall Street Journal, September 18, 1998) Americans drink 216 liters of soda per person per year. (World Market Information Database - 2006 [20])

Pasteurized milk no longer has enzymes. Canned food, none. Dairy products, salad dressings, soft drinks, ice cream, cheese, cakes, fried, salty snacks, do not contain enzymes. John Wayne and Elvis. At autopsy, according to county coroner reports, these men were 44 and 20 pounds. of undigested food in their respective colon at the time of death. According to the FDA, the average American is between 4 and 22 pounds. of undigested food in the colon at any one time. Rotten food in the digestive tract establishes a condition that gastroenterologists call Leaky Gut Syndrome. Review the colon chapter THE COLON [21]

It happens like this:

The putrid sludge destroys the cells of the intestinal lining (epithelium) in large part by choking the blood supply to these delicate cells (ischemia). The intestinal wall is supposed to be very selective in allowing it to be absorbed into the blood.

When there is so much cell damage, intestinal cells can no longer be selective. Things that they weren't supposed to go through start to get into the bloodstream. Large molecules of fats, proteins and carbohydrates semi-digested by man are absorbed intact through the intestine into the bloodstream. Once in the blood, digestion can no longer take place. These foreign molecules can lodge in any joint, tissue or organ. Since they are rotten foods, they are toxins and can be the cause of practically any disease you can name.

We are talking about blood poisoning here: toxemia, bacteremia, septicemia. Don't get carried away by big words. Such a setup is perfect as an explanation for an allergic reaction. We are all allergic, allergic to all the foods we eat and never digest.



Flora means good bacteria. The normal colon should be three pounds. Good bacteria at all times. (Shahani [21]) They are also called probiotics and include species such as Lactobacillus, L. Salivarius, Acidophilus, and many others. Your job is the final phase of digestion. Without them, food spoils in the colon.

The decaying food cements within the inner folds of the colon lining, destroying mucosal cells, preventing normal function, and eventually blocking proper elimination. The rotting food leaks into the bloodstream, going anywhere it can in the body.

The world authority on probiotics, the late Dr. Khem Shahani, described flora as the Second Immune System. It referred to the ability of flora to eliminate a toxic stimulus or allergen (undigested food) from the body. Understanding this simple concept is the key to understanding the essential dynamics between a healthy colon and the end of allergies. With rare exceptions, allergies simply cannot coexist in a body that has a healthy colon.

Why have most Americans suppressed flora? That is easy. The probiotic flora (the good bacteria) are fragile life forms that exist in the normal body in a dynamic balance together with pathological bacteria, fungi and viral forms. These good bacteria are killed by the following agents:

* antibiotics we take
* Antibiotics in the meat we eat.
* antacids, such as Zantac, Tagamet, etc.
* NSAIDs, such as Advil, Tylenol, Excedrin, Motrin, etc.
* Other prescription and over-the-counter medications.
*White sugar
*carbonated drinks
* antihistamines
* chlorinated drinking water
* fluoridated water

Many holistic nutritionists estimate that 80% of American women, and a significant proportion of men, have systemic Candida albicans. Candida is a yeast overgrowth throughout the body whose existence was denied by American physicians just fifteen years ago. As the normal flora is destroyed, bad bacteria begin to multiply. Without enough good bacteria to occupy the available homes, there is nothing to control the bad ones. Yeast and fungal growths can increase for the same reason. Doctors call this phenomenon opportunistic infection. With the amount of pasteurized dairy we consume, such chronic low-grade infections are in epidemic proportions in the United States today.

The normal person has some viruses, some Candida, some potentially pathogenic bacteria at all times. But most of the bacteria in the normal body are good. Think of it like walking into a crowded theater. If all the seats are taken, there is no place to sit. The same for pathogens. If all the seats are taken by friendly bacteria, the opportunists don't have a chance to replicate because there is no place to sit.


Thirty years ago you couldn't use the word autoimmune in conversation unless you were talking to a doctor. With the meteoric rise of these diseases, today even the uneducated know what they are talking about, because someone in their family probably has an autoimmune condition.

Autoimmune means that the body is attacking itself. It means that for some reason the body is getting the idea that part of itself is foreign and needs to be expelled, in exactly the same way as any allergen, intruder, or antigen. First that means inflammation. Then comes the swelling, followed by the onset of fibrosis (crunch, from cheap tissue placement), and finally, if left unchecked, actual calcification. Pain can jump at any moment. It is almost biblical, like the body is turning to stone because we have not met its needs. Almost.

Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, scleroderma, we hear about most of these all the time. What do they have in common? All of them are of "unknown" origin, according to medical texts. They cannot be cured by drugs. They are all progressive. All can be life threatening. They are autoimmune. And they are all on the rise.

Hundreds of holistic healers have known for years that the cause of these diseases is obvious and they are all expressions of the same process: toxemia. (Tilden [10]) That means blood poisoning. In the 1920s, holistic healer JH Tilden MD wrote that there is only one disease: Toxemia, and the hundreds of diseases that we are named for, are just different manifestations of the same autointoxication or self-poisoning.

It's simply that food has putrified in the digestive tract for months or more, and then seeps through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream in its undigested, rotten form. The debris is left free to settle anywhere it can find, where the inflammatory process will begin immediately. Easy to see why: in the blood, there are no longer digestive enzymes. Those left behind in the digestive system.

Remember, that was Nature's brilliant survival design - the inside of the tube is still the outside of the body. (The tube is the entire digestive tract, from one end to the other.) The digestion of food only takes place inside the tube, outside the body. Therefore, without enzymes in the blood, undigested food that does not belong there anyway can no longer be broken down. All the blood can do is attack the foreign cells with white blood cells to isolate them or engulf them in fat cells or calcium.

The problem is that the input of these things never ends. On the U.S. high-fat processed diet, more debris passes through the intestinal walls every day in undigested forms that should never have entered the blood: leaky gut syndrome. Day after day, week after week, things build up in the joints, arteries and tissues, infiltrating where possible.

After a while, the body can no longer distinguish between undigested food particles and the tissues in which they are housed. He sends his army, the immune system, to attack the foreign area, not just the foreign cells anymore. So whatever the organ, whatever the tissue where the rotten food accumulates, that part of the body will be attacked as foreign. And we'll call it an autoimmune response. It really is nothing mysterious. It's completely natural, and it's actually a healthy response to poison. These empty, nutrition-deficient man-made trade foods simply do not belong in the body. They were never food at all; They were packed and sold to look like food. And that, my friends, is a show.

Other allergens

All of the above has to do with undigested processed foods as the cause of allergic reactions. This doesn't even take into account chemical pesticides, hormones and preservatives, additives and contaminants that end up in our food as a result of preparation, processing and packaging. Half of all antibiotics produced in the United States today are for animals. Animals we eat. The sprayed pesticides make their way into the inner cells of the supermarket fruit and are not washed off. In our bodies, such poisons are fat-soluble: stored in our fat cells, for months or years.

Until the mid-1980s, sulfur dioxide compounds known as sulfites were commonly sprinkled on french fries, meat, and salad bars to prevent food from browning too quickly. Sulfites were also routinely added to the wine, to prevent further fermentation. Sulfur dioxide is toxic and a cause of thousands of documented allergic reactions reported to the FDA in the mid-1980s, many of them fatal. Although the use of sulfite in meat and raw products has been banned, they still appear in bronchodilator sprays, and also in wines, as long as the label indicates the percentage. (Randolph, p83 [8])

Have you ever noticed how some bananas don't ripen, but instead go from green to rotten, with large black areas as if they have been bruised? This is from "gas-ripened" bananas. Green bananas are exposed to ethylene gas, which artificially stops the ripening process just before going to market, so they will travel better. Here's how you can tell the difference: regular bananas will have a lot of uneven dark spots on their skin. They ripen, and they will ripen normally. Gasification is legal at the moment, but it is often the cause of the allergic response in someone who thinks they are allergic to bananas. (Randolph [8])

It's not just about bananas, most of today's products are subjected to gassing or irradiation to kill enzymes for better transportation. The problem is that, without enzymes, the food loses most of its value as a nutrient. And it can be allergenic just from the gas.

The same is true for product irradiation, which is also becoming commonplace in the agri-food mega-industry. The same unnatural mutation is occurring.


Okay, let's go back to the Reactivity Threshold. You already know the bottom. So here it is: Since all this undigested food has no outlet and no way to break down, it accumulates inside the body for months and years. Let's call the point where a person actually flares up with allergy symptoms (hives, rash, runny nose, sinuses, etc.) let's call that point the threshold. Below the threshold, the person will have no symptoms. Stay with me now for the punchline.

As the indulgent American is putting all this debris in storage, he is pushing his body closer and closer to its toxic capacity. Day after day your level of autointoxication increases, higher and higher. He is so close to the Threshold at all times, due to his indigestible diet, that contact with cat hair, dust, pollen, the phases of the moon, or whatever the specialist said he was "allergic to ”, Any contact can be enough to lift it up at that last moment, the straw that broke the camel's back, over the threshold, and voila, the symptoms occur. And then the "specialist" blames the entire allergy for that last drop.

So they give you an antihistamine "allergy medicine" that prevents your body from giving its normal response to chronic poisoning from all the strange, undigested foods you are still eating. And as soon as the drug wears off, he keeps gushing. This is why allergy medications never cure allergies. People who take allergy medications continue to "have allergies" year after year. Most of them actually develop more allergies to the drug itself.

Same with allergy shots. They give you a little of what you are supposedly allergic to, as determined by Last Straw's diagnosis, with the promise that this will make you "immune" to that last drop: cat hair, pollen, fairy dust, newt's eye. , whatever is.

Allergy shots almost never work. If they did, you wouldn't have to go back to the doctor every six months or so to get your injections. Have you ever noticed that people who get allergy shots always have allergies? Have you ever heard of someone who has been cured with allergy shots?

How can it be that simple? Why doesn't everyone know this? Thousands do, but the reason this information is unconventional begins with an M. The allergy industry is big business, both prescription and over-the-counter. Changing the diet is not. It goes back to the first paragraph on conventional wisdom.

The stucco layer

One difficulty with food allergies is that they are bioaccumulative. In addition to the digestive tract, undigested waste is stored in fat cells and can last for months or years. A sensitivity can persist for weeks or more after the new intake has stopped. In the case of dairy products, it is only necessary to ingest a small amount of processed milk or cheese products every few days to maintain an allergy to dairy products, to maintain the person's susceptibility to the allergen: coughing and sneezing. Even a few drops of milk added to coffee are enough to support chronic allergy. And the person may think that they have "stopped" eating dairy. (Twogood [2])

The same is true for additives in food and food packaging, and also for contaminants that may be present. Theron Randolph, MD, clinical ecologist, talks about the material used in the lining of cans that is used to keep the color of the metal can out of food. The material is called phenol, a coal tar.

The same goes for additives in food and food packaging, and also for contaminants that may be present. The material is called phenol, a derivative of coal tar. It is used in practically all canned foods. Dr. Randolph has documented hundreds of cases of reactions to phenol alone. (An alternative approach to allergies [8])

For years, Albuquerque, New Mexico, has been a mecca for asthmatics, tuberculosis patients, and those trying to escape their "allergies." No more. Talk to any doctor in Albuquerque today and you'll hear the same story - virtually everyone in the city has allergies. And the government actually has researchers who are climbing "trees" to find out what kind of pollen is making people sick! It's a desert! People are not sick of dust, angel hair, or cactus pollen. They are sick and allergic, from the devitalized and homogenized processed foods of the metropolitan city of the United States, a diet that is invariably standardized, from Coney Island to the Santa Monica Pier. Allergy in America today occurs in epidemic proportions. Many researchers are like Howard Rapaport, author of The Complete Allergy Guide [16], since they estimate that half the population suffers from some type of allergy. And that book was written in 1970! Today is worse


Let's say your programming doesn't allow you to believe what I've said so far, and for various reasons, it just doesn't make sense to you when it comes to your allergies. Penalty fee. Ask yourself this: do I really want to get rid of these allergies, or will I continue to take these medications every year with very little results?

If you can admit that you are sick with allergies and would like to try a drug-free experiment, try the 60-day program. For the next 60 days,

*No drugs
* non-dairy pasteurized
* No white sugar or white flour
* colon cleaning
* New western diet

Lest this sound too easy, I mean there are no medications of any kind, prescription or over-the-counter, unless you are in some life support drug therapy program.

Non-dairy means no pasteurized milk, cheese, butter, alfredo sauce, no yogurt, no ice cream, and no white salad dressing for 60 days.

No white sugar means no soda, donuts, cookies, refined flour, or ice cream for 60 days.

You also need some supplements, described in the 60 Day Program: [22]

Enzymes, Flora, Expel, Minerals, Oral Chelation, Mega Hydrate, Collagen

The 60-day exam may not be fun, but how do you like your allergies? Works? See the testimonials section of the website.

The 60-day program always works, if the patient adheres to it religiously. There are no deviations, there is no negotiation. Versions of the program will result in versions of the results. This program is viable and generally applicable, with no side effects, except for the drawbacks of any lifestyle changes. Thousands have. The reason there aren't millions is simple: this program requires taking a step in the dangerous direction known as "I can be responsible for my own health."

Todos los medios de comunicación públicos posibles desalientan este viaje (escrito y hablado, en línea y digital, consciente e inconsciente), todo ello bajo el control de los dos anunciantes más importantes de la nación: los fabricantes de alimentos y los fabricantes de medicamentos.

Después de leer la sección del Programa de 60 días del sitio, cuando esté listo para hacerlo, llame al 408 298 1800 para ordenar.

Unidad de conducción

Aquí está mi definición personal de desorientación patológica. Su hijo ha tenido “alergias” la mayor parte de su vida, y está tomando broncodilatadores o antihistamínicos en forma de aerosol o pastilla. No se nota ningún progreso. La confianza ciega ha eliminado cualquier maravilla que pueda haber tenido sobre los posibles efectos secundarios de tomar estos medicamentos diariamente durante todos estos años. Ni siquiera ha considerado buscar las Reacciones adversas a los medicamentos en la Oficina de referencia de médicos, disponible en cualquier biblioteca o WalMart en estos días. Pero eso ni siquiera es la parte mala.

Lo malo es que debes ir al drive-thru en Wendy’s y dejar que tu hijo pida un Frosty gigante, papas fritas y una Coca Cola porque ambos tienen demasiada hambre para esperar hasta que puedas llegar a casa para llegar a la leche pasteurizada, hielo Crema, Pepsi y queso que te esperan en superabundancia en tu propia nevera. Y habla sobre las alergias de su hijo con sus amigos con el mismo tono de conversación que usa para describir el trabajo de frenos que su auto acaba de obtener en Midas. Sí, tiene alergias, PERO tiene el inhalador y los antihistamínicos, así que está bien, ya sabes.

¿Alguien que no sea yo, vea algo insano en este poco de prosaica americana?

OK lo siento. ¿Cómo lo habrías sabido? Bien ahora lo sabes. La gran mayoría de las alergias de hoy son alergias alimentarias. Somos adictos a las cosas que nos envenenan. Por supuesto, puede haber otras causas, otros irritantes que produzcan una respuesta alérgica: toxinas ambientales, sustancias químicas en los materiales de las viviendas, materiales de limpieza, cosméticos, ropa, ropa de cama, calefacción y aire acondicionado. , cuando hay un elefante sentado justo en medio de la sala de estar?

Por Tim O’Shea


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