Study: "Children who are less than 500 meters from the fumigated area have genetic damage"


The studies were carried out in the department of Uruguay. "It is the first analysis demonstrating the effect" of agrochemicals, Elonce TV was told.

Promoted by the Stop Fumigating Schools campaign and with the contribution of scientists and public universities, studies were carried out in the department of Uruguay to establish genetic damage in children who live less than 500 meters from areas where agrochemicals were fumigated.

The teacher Mariela Leiva confirmed to the Elonce TV program El Despertador that the first results of the studies carried out corroborated that “children who are less than 500 meters from the fumigation area have genetic damage. Ours is the first analysis that has the cause showing the effect ”, he highlighted.

He explained that to carry out the comparison "material was extracted from boys who were less than 500 meters from the fumigated areas and, on the other hand, from children in the cities."

The educator highlighted that "genetic damage can lead to different diseases throughout her life."

Leiva recalled that after the case of the fumigated school in San José “a similar case arose in Maciá, where the teacher ended up hospitalized, under observation. We were lending our solidarity and offering ourselves what we can contribute from our place. The Rosario del Tala Prosecutor's Office decided not to investigate because the fumigation was more than 100 meters away. If he had symptoms, it is because the product reached the school ”, he stressed.


Asked about the treatment of the rule that seeks to regulate the applications of agrochemicals in the province, the teacher said that “we were gathered to provide the deputies with the tools with technical professionals who work with us. They told us that they wanted to have the conviction and the wisdom to vote for that law.

We brought the specialists and the last cycle, the president of the Chamber, told us that the bloc of the Justicialista Party was going to vote negatively on that law, as well as some deputies from Cambiemos. We want to be optimistic. I believe that the 8 of May is going to vote. We will be waiting for the vote ”, he completed.

Source: El Once (Entre Ríos)

Video: fumigation (October 2020).