The World We Leave to Children

The World We Leave to Children

The history of man as an inhabitant of this planet is very short, just a few hundred thousand years, when it is estimated that there has been life on Earth for hundreds of millions. However, despite being a relatively new species, it has had such a population growth that if it were another species we would be speaking with great concern of a devastating plague.

The fact is that we are not only growing demographically, but also, to an even greater extent, we are growing geographically.

Every day we use a larger area for our cities, our crops, our roads or our waste.

The water that we do not drink, we pollute it; We don't eat grass, but we cover it with cement or we fumigate it and we don't let it grow; Since we cannot breathe all the oxygen on the planet, we create machines that help us extinguish it completely.

The Earth is a living being, it needs to breathe and we are not allowing it.

Of course we have the possibility to take away the blame and say that we have not done any of this, that the world has been developing in this way for hundreds of years and that when we arrived this was already the case. All these are true, logical and irrefutable arguments.

However, we all have a responsibility from which we cannot escape, a responsibility as certain as the previous arguments, which is to explain to our children what we have done so that they can live in a better world than ours.

Because if we want to be able to look a child in the eyes without guilt, we must first make an effort to make their world better than ours and stop contributing so that life on this planet becomes more and more unsustainable.

I, for my part, want to be able to look my children in the eye, with the peace of mind that from my place, beyond my limitations of time, money, health or any other nature, I do every day everything that I can, so that they live in a world of peace, solidarity, justice, equality, respect for diversity and the environment. A much better world that I have to live in, even if the state in which it is is not my fault. Because I will be responsible for the state it is in when I leave it.

Each and every one of us will be responsible for the world that we leave to our children, but we must understand that it is not enough to use less water, use biodegradable detergents or the bike instead of the car. All this is fine and useful, but only if we also actively participate in Organizations, Collectives, Schools, Marches, Talks, Forums or any other form of expression of Civil Society so that our effort ceases to be a mere sum of wills and is become a movement strong enough to influence the course of human development. We must do it in order to look a child in the eye.

Ricardo Natalichio

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