The first factory in Latin America of bags that become compost

The first factory in Latin America of bags that become compost

The company is called “I am not plastic”, it will manufacture biodegradable bags and the first biopolymer plant in Latin America will be installed in Canelones, Uruguay.

These bags dissolve in hot water at 80 ° C and on land they become compost, it is edible and in seas and oceans it disintegrates. These bags that carry up to 4kg. They are 100% organic, 100% compostable and are not toxic to any living being.

The company assures that it will produce bags that dissolve in hot water at 80 degrees, on land they become compost, in seas and rivers they disintegrate, it is edible.

As a campaign, the company has sent samples of the bag to different media with the slogan that they be put in a cup of hot water, stir to see if it dissolves.

The Law on the Sustainable Use of Plastic Bags, which was approved by Parliament on World Environment Day, establishes:

"Article 1. The prevention and reduction of the environmental impact derived from the use of plastic bags is declared of general interest, through actions to discourage their use, promote their reuse, recycling and other forms of recovery.

Article 2. (Scope) .- All plastic bags used to contain and transport products and goods that: A) are supplied to a consumer at any point of sale or delivery are covered by this law; and B) They are not part of the presentation of the product, whether wholesale or retail, in any area, business or activity. The foregoing except for the exclusions provided in the following article.

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