One of two: The cult of the automobile, or a planet to live on

One of two: The cult of the automobile, or a planet to live on

A symbol of the standard of living of a person or family, is these days and without a doubt, the car that is owned. This has become a kind of God with four wheels, a god who in the long run puts those who profess his religion, at his service. And followers and detractors to suffer from its devastating polluting, predatory and lethal anger.

Many work more and more just to pay the expenses of the car, others for their activities, spend much of the day in it.

Traffic accidents directly kill or injure more people each year than any terminal illness and that without counting the degradation of the planet that takes place daily, as a necessary offering to keep this deity happy, and that multiplies it infinitely. as a cause of mortality and ailments in our health.

Kilometers and more kilometers of roads and highways are constantly and uninterruptedly being built all over the planet, which not only produce the negative environmental effects of any large-scale work, but also often act as a barrier, cutting natural corridors of a large number of species with their corresponding harmful consequences.

For some years, a war against tobacco has been waged, so much so that its advertisements are obliged to warn about the harmfulness of smoking. But no car ad warns about carbon monoxide from car use.

“People cannot smoke. Cars, yes. " Galeano says.

With all this we are not saying that we should all run out tomorrow to sell the car or stop using it. We only reflect on a part of our culture that is generating serious problems for the planet and that will necessarily have to be modified so that life on Earth continues to be possible.

Modern societies are designed in such a way that they make the automobile indispensable, and this is largely done by the three major industries that compete in this lucrative cult, oil, rubber, and the automobile itself.

However, we do say that alternatives to the automobile should be sought. Improving and encouraging the use of public transport, mainly trains, trams and subways, and increasing the number of bicycle lanes and pedestrian paths in cities.

But very especially by promoting a fundamental change in the structure of our societies that allows us to drastically reduce the need to travel tens of kilometers each day to carry out our daily activities.

Thus the car will be less and less necessary and all of us will enjoy a higher quality of life.

Ricardo Natalichio,

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