YPF: After an impressive oil spill in Chile, now another in Vaca Muerta

YPF: After an impressive oil spill in Chile, now another in Vaca Muerta

The environmental organization Greenpeace denounced last Friday that in the south of Chile there was an oil spill of 720,000 liters of crude, the "largest in the last 20 years" in the country, from a plant of the National Petroleum Company (ENAP ) operated by Argentina's YPF.

The leak, which occurred this Wednesday at the Cullén plant in the Magallanes region, would be equivalent to 21 full tanker trucks, Greenpeace clarified in a press release dated in Buenos Aires.

The organization explained that they had already reported to the Chilean authorities "the environmental violations committed by YPF and the National Petroleum Company" and requested that they apply "the corresponding sanctions to those responsible for this environmental disaster" of "irreversible effects.

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The organizations Greenpeace and Fundación Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (FARN) released four satellite images of a spill that occurred last Friday at the Bandurria Sur field, which YPF exploits together with the US company Schlumberger, in the Vaca Muerta area of ​​Neuquén. Ten days ago, another plant of the Argentine company caused the largest hydrocarbon spill in the last 20 years in Chile.

Apparently, according to the official in statements reproduced by La Mañana de Neuquén, the well "went out of control" when the workers were dismantling a crown because "the surface pressure beat the working one." The truth is that the work to put the maneuvering valve failed and the hydrocarbons began to leak.

Faced with the uncertainty due to the scarce official details, Greenpeace and FARN also presented a request for public information to the Neuquén Undersecretariat of the Environment on the circumstances of the spill, its impact, remediation plans and possible sanctions against those responsible .


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