Man's war against Earth. Winning is losing everything

Man's war against Earth. Winning is losing everything

There is a war that Man has fought for several hundred years. It is a silent war - or rather silenced - in which, contradictorily, winning means losing. This war has been fought on a global scale, but its biggest battles are being fought every day in the Northern Hemisphere.

Its beginning, we could say that it was between the years 1760 and 1780 in England, where the mechanization of production began to be sought in order to make it faster and more abundant. For this, large machines were necessary and coal was the source of energy used par excellence.

From that moment hundreds of thousands of small battles give way to the "World Crusade of Man against Earth", a war of self-destruction against its own habitat in which it attacks and destroys its natural food sources, oxygen production and of drinking water reserves necessary for life.

This is a war that we are all part of, in which we use our own weapons of mass destruction on a daily basis, so massive that they are destroying every living thing on Earth.

The car, the refrigerator or the air conditioning equipment, with the technologies that have been applied until now and just to name a few examples, added to the excessive and irresponsible consumerism, cause a negative effect on the planet's ecosystem.

Of course, these are not the only weapons we have, as worthy superior beings we have perfected our firepower so that there is no possibility that we lose (win) this war.

We have and use the best technology to create our ecological pumps, such as oil spills, open-pit mining, nuclear power plants, mega-dams; We have even been perfecting for some time the way of genetically modifying directly or by contagion, everything that survives so that this insolent Nature will not believe that something can escape us.

As if this were not enough, the United States and its temporary allies are determined to accelerate this process of self-destruction, devastating entire towns only to satisfy their supposed economic, geopolitical or strategic needs as they did with Vietnam and many other countries, as they do today. in Iraq and as tomorrow they will do it in one of our countries.

We must stop that war that we are unfortunately winning (losing) and the only way to do it is to make a very big turnaround in the course that human development has taken, because if it is not environmentally sustainable, if we do not have the precaution of using without extinguishing , to produce without polluting, to consume in a responsible way; if we don't end the missile, bomb and depleted uranium wars, if we don't use
clean energy sources, the end of the war is near and the worst of the case is that our victory will be final.

At EcoPortal we are against all wars and especially the one that has caused the most victims so far, the one that has caused the most damage, the war of Man against Earth.

Let's be dissidents, we must become organized resistance, because we are also the Earth, because the destruction of the Earth would be our last battle.

Ricardo Natalichio,

Video: MAN vs EARTH (October 2020).