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The properties of melilot

The properties of melilot

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The meliloto plant (Melilotus officinalis)It has yellow or white flowers that are used to make an infusion highly indicated for cases of high blood pressure.

The melilot can be found wild easily in fallow lands, holm oaks, vineyards, rubble, near abandoned fields and also on dry slopes, in all dry and hot regions. Occasionally serves as fodder. The holding capacity of its roots enable it to consolidate road and rail embankments.

The whole plant gives off a strong and pleasant aroma of coumarin, which intensifies during drying. The nectar of the little flowers is as sweet as honey (hencemeli, which in Greek means honey), and is a call for bees when it blooms in the summer.


The main medicinal property of this plant, the treatment for high blood pressure, has its justification due, above all, to its anticoagulant and vasoprotective properties, which gives it ideal virtues not only to regulate blood pressure, but to improve blood pressure. circulation and prevent possible coronary problems.

But the meliloto is also indicated for the following cases:

  • Improves circulation naturally.
  • It prevents the appearance of possible coronary problems.
  • It has vasoprotective and anticoagulant virtues.
  • Relieves swelling in feet and legs.
  • Suitable in the treatment of varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

Applications and properties

The meliloto is a plant used since ancient times; It was already known and used for its therapeutic properties in the 5th century BC. Contains up to 0.9% ofcoumarin, from which the coumarinic acid used in perfumery and pharmacy is extracted; it also contains melilotol, tannins and pigments (flavones).

The active substances of sweet clover are useful as a blood thinner, by reducing the permeability of the capillaries; for this reason they are suitable in the treatment of thrombosis and varicose veins.

Caution: The applications of sweet clover as a blood thinner should be properly controlled by a doctor, since excessive doses can cause bleeding, and even headaches, dizziness and vomiting.

It is effective in stubborn, spasmodic coughs and bronchial asthma. In external applications it is usually used in the composition of ointments, emollient poultices and as an anti-inflammatory in wounds and swelling of the joints.

Added to the bath it is astringent and emollient, very useful in ulcerative eruptions and hemorrhoids. In internal applications the action of thecoumarin It is antispasmodic, used against insomnia, anxiety and nervousness. It is also diuretic and ophthalmic. The usual form of use is in infusion, tinctures, eye drops and powders. All melilots are considered slightly toxic.

Melilot, and specifically the lactone of coumarinic acid, is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, in perfumery and cosmetics, and as a perfume for tobacco.


Infusion melilot against insomnia

To a cup of boiling water add two teaspoons of dried and crumbled flowers. Let stand and filter. Sweeten with a little honey and take before going to bed.

Eye drops sweet clover for eye wash

You can prepare an eyewash to wash the eyes, making an infusion with a tablespoon of sweet clover and another of eyebright.

Compresses and emollient and anti-inflammatory melilot poultices

To half a liter of boiling water add two tablespoons of fresh or dried sweet clover grass, very crumbled. Let stand at least 15 minutes. Filter and cold soak the compresses or gauze, applying repeatedly to the bruised area.

Alternative: you can also prepare an emollient poultice using sweet clover leaves and mallow in the same proportion.

Contraindications of the sweet clover plant

The medicinal plant sweet potato is contraindicated when the person suffers from a gastroduodenal ulcer, and in cases in which anticoagulant medications are being taken. Likewise, it is not advisable to exceed the recommended doses, since excessive consumption can cause nausea and headaches.

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