Recycled outdoor games

Recycled outdoor games

The heat is here and organizing parties, picnics and outdoor activities is a good option to entertain the kids. And what better way to do it than recycled materials and that they can also participate in their making.

Throw balls out of cans

A simple game of aiming with just a few cans and a ball. The cans can be of soft drinks or preserves and keep them so that with the little ones they can spend a day painting and decorating them, for example we can make faces or geometric figures. Guaranteed fun!

Nest of balls

With a metal mesh, some plastic balls and some sticks we can make this game which consists of removing the sticks one by one without the balls falling out, if the balls are falling the player who throws them will have a negative point Very funny tension !

Stilts with cans

With some resistant metal paint cans or cans plus some ropes, in a matter of a while we can create these original stilts to organize races or simply walk. One idea is that we can paint them as if they were elephant legs or other motifs. The balance will be essential !!

Hunt balls

With a few cans of large detergent or plastic bottles and a light ball we can create this fun game to hunt balls on the fly with our original ball hunter, a game that we can do in a moment but that will give us many hours of fun.

Pull the rope

A twist on the classic game of pulling the rope, we will only need a box of bottles or a greengrocer to play, the winner will be the one who does not fall from the box while maintaining balance.


A classic board game that we can do at any time, only 10 stones and a surface where we can draw the 4 lines we could already play, however if we want to give it a more fun touch we can paint the stones as small insects or other motifs.

Throw rings

After the meal if we have used plastic plates, why not give them a second use and prepare this fun skill game where we will prepare rings or discs with the edges of the plates painted in colors.

Spinning top

With few materials, ideal for the little ones, these trompitos can be a lot of fun. You will need toothpicks and two colorful water or soda caps, in two minutes they will be ready to play!

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