The new zoos of the 21st century

The new zoos of the 21st century

Susi's story managed to spread the problem of zoos and animals in captivity around the world.

Susi, the elephant at the Barcelona Zoo, was the inspiration for the emergence of the ZooXXI social movement, which has already been joined by millions of people in support of the dissemination and promotion of a model of reconversion of zoos into centers adapted for the recovery of fauna.

ZooXXI is an international proposal for the reconversion of zoological parks as we know them today, with the aim of adapting them to the science and ethics of our time.

The ZooXXI movement proposes to recondition zoos for the rescue of fauna and adoptions, reproduction in captivity and conservation in the natural habitat of animal species. In addition, the objective is to promote learning through immersive technologies and 'gamification' (application of playful techniques).

In the particular case of elephants, the idea is to move them to sanctuaries. If there are sanctuaries for other species, they will also be transferred there.

The ZooXXI project has become an international platform with the purpose of adapting zoos to the sensitivity, scientific knowledge and ethics of the 21st century. The logic of the 19th century in which the animal was used for its mere exhibition and entertainment of the human being must be abandoned. The new zoos will be spaces forshelter, care and assistance to injured animals, seized from farms or abandoned.

The new generations already have a special empathy for animals in captivity, they perceive their sadness, their confinement, their decadence. But transforming zoos is not an easy task, it requires a complex solution.

Trained professionals, new knowledge and sufficient facilities will be required, including technological innovation, to become a space for social, animal and environmental service, in which decisions are made by specialists and citizens.

"Susi, an elephant in the room"

"Susi, an elephant in the room" is a transmedia project thatmakes the problem visible through stories told in a documentary website, a short film and an application.

He speaks of the harsh reality of animals in captivity from a positive perspective,in favor of freedom, against violence, from the respect and love of animals, where the user will be the protagonist at all times.

The documentary website will offer an application to download from where to visit Susi's zoo in 360 °, allowing you to take a 'gamified' tour andlearn more about the species and real stories of animals.

The project "Susi, an elephant in the room" is supported by the ZooXXI communication platform, which has the support of the Franz Webber Foundation and the NGO LIbera, in addition toa whole network of professionals in different countries of Latin America and Europe committed to expanding awareness of a new paradigm.

The transmedia project, directed by Ana Luz Sanz, has a co-production between Barcelona and Buenos Aires that has won thefirst prize in the contest of Screenwriters Associats de Catalunya.

He has also been recently selected in Docs Barcelona, ​​he has been the winner of the first Mediamorfosis prize in Argentina, he has passed the first selection round of the IDFA (Amsterdam), and in July 2019 he will participate in the Electric Dreams Festival in London.All the most relevant documentary festivals and immersive technologies in the world.

Scientists, artists, politicians and activists support the campaign, thanks to which work is being done on thetransfer of the 9 elephants from Argentina to a sanctuary in Brazil, and to a sanctuary in France for the standard bearer of this global caravan: Susi.

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