Do not manipulate Mother Earth! Popular organizations and movements say stop geoengineering

Do not manipulate Mother Earth! Popular organizations and movements say stop geoengineering

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"The signers of the manifesto question the supposed benefits of geoengineering and point out that all geoengineering technologies carry risks and that if deployed on a large scale, they could even worsen climate change"

In a Manifesto that was made public today, 23 international organizations, 6 "alternative Nobel laureates" and 87 national organizations from five continents, call for the experimentation and consideration of climate geoengineering to stop. Among the signatories are movements of indigenous peoples and peasant movements, as well as networks of environmental organizations and climate justice, among others.

The Manifesto is published in the same week that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) discusses a new report at its meeting in South Korea on how to limit global warming to no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius. Many anticipate that the IPCC report will promote the use of highly controversial and unproven geoengineering technologies.

Climate geoengineering refers to a series of large-scale technological proposals, mostly theoretical, that could have devastating impacts on the environment, ecosystems and communities in many parts of the world. Its proponents argue that they could alleviate the symptoms of climate change, for example by trying to lower the global temperature, by blocking part of the sun's rays, reflecting sunlight back into space, or capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to store it in. geological land or sea bottoms.

The concept has been widely promoted by a small number of governments, corporations and scientists from the most powerful and most climate-polluting countries, who in recent years have increased geoengineering research and lobbying for it to be seen as a response to climate change. . More recently, groups of scientists announced the intention of conducting experiments in the open air, to test whether the implementation of geoengineering technologies is possible.

The signers of the manifesto question the alleged benefits of geoengineering, pointing out that all geoengineering technologies carry risks and that if deployed on a large scale, they could even worsen climate change. Among other demands, they call:

  • Ban open field experiments and deployment of geoengineering
  • Stop proposed open field experiments, including the SCoPEx project in Arizona, which aims to inject sulfate particles and other materials into the atmosphere to test their effectiveness in reflecting sunlight; the Ice911 project in Alaska, which aims to spread millions of glass microbubbles over ice in the Arctic to reflect sunlight and slow the melting of ice; the Sea Cloud Whitening Project, which is planned to be carried out in California, in the Monterey Bay, which wants to inject salt water into the clouds to make them whiter and more reflective; the projects of the company Oceaneos to do oceanic fertilization in Chile and Peru. All the experiments in the United States are intended to be done on indigenous territories.
  • Stop all large-scale projects ofcarbon capture and storage Ydirect air capture because they serve to perpetuate fossil fuel extraction industries. Stop all bioenergy projects with carbon capture and storage (BECCS for its acronym in English) because in addition to being technically unfeasible, they would have serious impacts on land use, food sovereignty, the environment and biodiversity.
  • Support for the diversity of alternatives of organizations and popular movements to face climate change, which are proven, are not risky, but are not being considered in the reports and negotiations on climate change.

The international movement against geoengineering was consolidated in 2010, when more than 35,000 people from popular movements and climate justice gathered at the World People's Conference on Climate Change and Rights of Mother Earth in Cochabamba, Bolivia, declaring their opposition there to geoengineering. There the campaign "Do not manipulate Mother Earth" began. In September 2018, within the framework of the week "Solidarity for Solutions", dedicated to the proposals of grassroots organizations in the face of climate change, a broad alliance of organizations, including the Indigenous Environmental Network and the Climate Justice Alliance, They pledged to relaunch the "Don't manipulate Mother Earth" campaign with renewed energy. They considered this indispensable in the face of the growing presence of climate geoengineering in negotiations and in academic settings, as well as in the face of proposals to carry out open-field experiments of geoengineering technologies.

It has started a new movement to stop geoengineering and in solidarity with the communities and organizations that resist geoengineering experiments. This newsletter with quotes from the signers in PDF:

Do not manipulate Mother Earth (445.21 kB)

Download the Manifesto: English, Spanish, French

Press contact:

Trudi Zundel, ETC Group, [email protected], cel +1 (226) 979 0993 (English)

Verónica Villa, ETC Group, veró[email protected], cel +52 15 5432 4679 (Spanish)

Climate Justice Alliance / Climate Justice Alliance:

Cynthia Mellon (United States), [email protected]

Indigenous Environmental Network / Red Ambiental Indígena:

Tom Goldtooth, [email protected]

Tonatierra Nahuacalli, Embassy of Indigenous Peoples:

Tupac Enrique Acosta (Arizona, United States), [email protected]

Friends of the Earth International:

Dipti Bhatnagar (Mozambique), [email protected];

Sara Shaw (London), [email protected]

The Via Campesina:

Paula Gioia (Germany), [email protected]

ETC Group:

Silvia Ribeiro (Mexico), [email protected]; Neth Daño (Philippines), [email protected]


Rachel Smolker (United States), [email protected]

For more information:

Report: The Great Climate Fraud: The Case Against Geoengineering

Information on geoengineering field experiments:

  • SCoPEx project in Tucson, Arizona
  • Ice911 Project in Alaska
  • Marine Cloud Whitening Project in Monterrey Bay, California
  • Oceaneos ocean fertilization project in Chile

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