Green liberalism, an ideology that is transforming

Green liberalism, an ideology that is transforming

Should liberalism limit the state or the powers that be? Is it a liberal obligation to love one's own country or democratic institutions? Are the rights of man a masculine or universal expression? From what values, if not religious ones, can democracies sanction conduct?

The so-called green liberalism has the planet as the most important value, the ideology advocates preserving the planet so that it remains as similar as possible for future generations. They try to minimize the damage caused by humans in different localities, regions and in the world, and contribute to the regeneration of areas damaged by human hands.

The relationship between the free market and the environment has always been complicated, but not for the reasons that are commonly believed.

The State, in its alliance with companies and its need to create conformity in the population, allows corruption in the consumer system. First, through alliances with companies that act exceeding the limitations of their property, for example polluting rivers, land or air that clearly do not belong to them. But make no mistake, although companies are also guilty, the main culprit will always be the State apparatus. That famous myth that the State lost power to large companies and that is why it lets them act as they prefer only serves to legitimize the State in its position of accomplice, instead of blaming it. How else is it possible that they consider themselves capable of expropriating companies at will, but not limiting their action to their property? Make no mistake, the State can minimize large-scale pollution produced by industries, and at the same time maintain the development of the country. Of course, for the latter, it is necessary to create favorable investment conditions, such as financial and social stability, low taxes and ease in hiring personnel. All that does not exist in Argentina.

Future governments have the responsibility to take a fundamental role in making this possible and thus achieve development practices that are aware of the environmental issue and favor sustainable environments, recognizing the negative impacts that development policies will bring that are not aware of the environmental variable and Social

The good thing about liberalism is that in its theory it allows the development of a completely sustainable and rational system. Liberalism seeks to raise awareness within the current historical framework about the limitations and extensions of property, so that people respect the rational limits of their actions on the planet.

The true social commitment to the environment is the most substantive part of the social process, one cannot speak of social justice if it is not accompanied by environmental justice. We do not get anything with creating efficient laws and work protocols, if we do not take a serious and responsible commitment as a society with a conscience and ethics of doing, that despite the needs and the imperative of the search for development, we must protect and not destroy . As much as we have auditors, millionaire fines and the penalties of hell for companies and people who make bad environmental decisions, they are worthless if we do not become aware as a society of the importance and respect that we must have for the environment.

A healthy management towards the environment is an essential part of the sustainable development that we must seek. This is the only basic foundation that any society with aspirations must realize. This is only achieved with self-respect and aware that growth can and should go hand in hand with the defense of natural resources, controlling the loss of biodiversity and counteracting the unlimited use of polluting sources of growth.

Unfortunately, today, the environment has played only a marginal role in development theory, where it has occupied a subordinate position with respect to the priority given to economic growth. In this way, the environment has become the stone guest of development, a factor alluded to and avoided at the same time.

A healthy management towards the environment is an essential part of the sustainable development that we must seek. This is why the environment and liberalism are closely linked. This is why the future of humanity lies in freedom and respect. Freedom works, even to protect the environment.

Cristián Frers - Senior Technician in Environmental Management and Senior Technician in Social Communication (Journalist).

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