World Cleaning Day, what will you do?

World Cleaning Day, what will you do?

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The World Cleanup Day will bring together millions of people in 155 countries next Saturday and aims to raise awareness about garbage and the pollution that waste causes in nature, especially in the oceans.

The idea was born in Estonia in 2008, when some 50,000 people cleaned the entire country in just five days, since then the action of cleaning in a single day has spread throughout the world, creating one of the fastest grassroots movements growth of the story, according to the organizers.

World Cleanup Day is a global program aimed at combating the global problem of solid waste, including the problem of marine litter. The next day of the World Cleanup Day will be carried out on September 15, 2018, beginning at 10 a.m., and covering time zones around the world, until concluding near the international date change line, in Hawaii.

There are numerous organizations that facilitate and organize World Cleanup Day events around the world, such as Let’s Do It World.

The pollution indexes and the amount of garbage in nature both on land and in the oceans are truly alarming, our planet needs an urgent cleaning and this Saturday, September 15, will be a good opportunity to take action on the matter.

Millions of people around the planet will be summoned to unite and raise awareness among citizens. For the first time, on World Cleanup Day,World Cleanup Day in English, it will be done in a "coordinated manner throughout the world," according to Johnny Azpilicueta, national coordinator ofLet’s Do It World, organizing platform of the international event.

The objective will be "to tackle the problem of waste pollution worldwide by cleaning streets, parks, beaches, forests and riverbanks," says the organization.

In addition to the action of cleaning the streets, the day has a more transcendent goal, which is individual and collective awareness of the seriousness of the problem that our planet has with waste. From the organization, this day and the magnitude reached for this edition is understood as a "unique opportunity to create the spirit of collaboration at all levels."

First edition coordinated around the world

This initiative has been carried out in the last decade in 140 countries with the participation of 20 million people, but on different dates in each nation.

Let’s Do It World“, A non-fighting organization in which a group of people who are part of a mass movement led by citizens participate, is in charge of launching World Cleaning Day.

Although there is not yet a definite figure on the number of participants, many people are joining around the world with actions, according to Azpilicueta.

To be part of the initiative, which aims to be the largest civic action in the history of mankind, you can consult the profile of the movement atFacebook or on their website.

What will they do in the world?

At the international level, Azpilicueta has pointed out as notable cases the participation of 300 municipalities in Brazil or that of large corporations in France, contrary to what happens in the rest of the nations where it is more on the part of the citizenship itself.

In Slovenia, the country where the initiative was born in 2008, and where more participation has been achieved with 14.6% of the population, it is expected to break the record in this edition, he added.

In Spain, the action is supported by Greenpeace, SEO BirdLife, ZeroWaste, and a large number of companies, according to Azpilicueta.

Likewise, hundreds of municipalities have joined hundreds of individuals, small businesses, city councils and associations of municipalities.

Actions in this edition are expected to begin in the morning from New Zealand and end as the hours go by in Hawaii, creating a “powerful Green Wave” of cleanings.

Organizations such as the United Nations, the Ocean Conservancy and large coalitions such as the Plastic Pollution Coalition have joined the initiative.

Let's keep it clean

Simultaneously with World Cleaning Day, the “Keep It Clean” movement is being launched, which includes a set of guidelines to preserve a clean planet, which is aimed at governments, companies, civil society and citizens.

Cleaning beaches and public areas sounds like something that has been done before, but "our mission is not just to clean, but to really stop this problem once and for all."

"Humans are the only species that have managed to generate materials that cannot be reused by the rest of the ecosystem," said Heidi Solba, one of the leaders of the Let’s Do It! Foundation. and part of the organizing team for World Cleaning Day.

And what can you do?

Mobile app

Here you can download a mobile application.

You can make the difference!
Download the World Cleanup app and start mapping mismanaged waste, share it and join or create a cleanup event now! Bring change to your local community and map the garbage in your neighborhood. in your city, state, country or anywhere in the world while traveling, wherever you find mismanaged waste.

All data collected by users around the world will be displayed on the global garbage map to kick off global cleanup events on World Cleanup Day on September 15, 2018.

This is what you should do if you are interested in mapping garbage:

- Download the World Cleanup app and ask your friends / colleagues to do it;
- Go for a walk to find a pile of garbage, take a photo and verify that the garbage you see should not be there;
- If you can clean it right there, great! Just mark the point as 'cleared' so the world knows. If you can't clean it, you can share it and ask your friends / colleagues / local council to help you.

This is what you should do if you are interested in organizing the cleaning:
- Download the World Cleanup app and ask your friends / colleagues to do it;
- Browse the app to find existing events to join. If there are no events, you can contact your country team or create your own event.
- Look for garbage areas in your local neighborhood or in nearby natural places. Before creating an event, visit the area. The creator of the event is personally responsible for the safety of the participants.
- Create the cleaning event and share it! Find the country team

World Cleanup Day - September 15, 2018 - Five hours of action with 5% of the world's population involved equals a clean planet. Use the app to join the greatest civic action in history.

Take action now wherever you are! With each entry, you help your local community and make the world a cleaner place.
Let's do it!

The application currently runs on Android 5.0 or newer versions of the operating system version.

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