See Japan's Fantastic Pop Rice Paddies

See Japan's Fantastic Pop Rice Paddies

Shiroyone Senmaida rice fields, arranged in small stepped terraces that reach down to the sea, are one of Japan's most important agricultural legacies, as well as one of the few rice fields that continue to be harvested in the traditional Japanese way.

HeSenmaida Light UpIt is the most famous and original annual lighting event in the area. Shiroyone Senmaida rice fields sparkle in the dark of night thanks to the 21,000 LED lights used. The bulbs are placed one by one by local farmers and volunteers.

One of the most relevant characteristics of this installation is that, in addition to drawing the world's attention to the fields, it brings together in a conciliatory and aesthetic act two dissociated traditions of the country: the solemn customs of the past and the hypermodernity of the present. Agricultural fertility and pop artificiality.

During the day, the rays of the sun reflect off the sea and the rice terraces, causing enchanting flashes. And when night comes, it is the lighting installation that is in charge of exploiting the beauty of nature to the maximum.

The rice fields change color from yellow to pink every half hour, with the rolling motion of the waves as a backdrop. Quite a show to remember.

Shiroyone Senmaida was named one of ‘The 100 Best Terraced Rice Fields in Japan’ and included nationally in the category of ‘Special Place of Scenic Beauty’.

Last year, Shiroyone Senmaida was registered as an Agricultural Systems Heritage of Global Importance, further evidence of its importance to the agricultural world. It is, after all, a sustainable system that is home to many species of life, including some in danger of extinction.

In these rice fields candles have also been lit, and the effect is just as wonderful!

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