The world's first plastic-free supermarket

The world's first plastic-free supermarket

A Dutch supermarket chain specialized in organic products opens a new establishment taking advantage of public awareness of the problem of plastic waste.

The problem of plastic and poor waste management is already on a global scale and worries the vast majority of citizens, especially when it relates to food. That is why the organic supermarket chain Ekoplaza has taken a big step to solve the problem by inaugurating the first “plastic-free” supermarket in Amsterdam.

This new type Dutch supermarketpop-up offers only products loose, in bulk or wrapped in paper, cardboard or other certified organic alternatives.

“Do you think we cannot do without plastic with food and drink products? Ekoplaza LAB proves otherwise! You can find no less than 680 organic, plastic-free products in our store ”, explains this chain on its website.

Ekoplaza has 74 branches in the Netherlands and, according to its managers, the LAB project in Amsterdam wants to be a first step to implement the concept 'without plastics' more widely.

The second branch of the chain of this style could open its doors next summer in The Hague and, in the medium term, the proposal is that all the supermarkets of the chain have at least one aisle in which exclusively products without plastics.

The initiative of the Ekoplaza chain has the support of NGOs specialized in the fight against plastic pollution such as the British 'A Plastic Planet'.

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