Desperate animals in Australia's worst drought

Desperate animals in Australia's worst drought

The absence of rain is exacerbated in Australia causing a historic 100% drought in New South Wales, including Sydney. In recent days the water crisis has been getting worse.

To illustrate what is happening, an occupational therapy student returning to her family's rural home in Broken Hill, showed crowds of desperate emus running for water.

There were a lot of emus running around the house trying to find waterEsther Mckenzie told Storyful in August, posting the captured video on July 17.

His old and prosperous estate, evergreen with New South Wales free-range sheep and cattle "is unrecognizable”He added in statements made on ABC Radios on August 14.

I'm a little worried about daddy's mental health”, He revealed, since for farmers and ranchers it is a difficult loss to overcome.

"The dam was reduced to less than a meter of water, and now that dam is probably the size of a football oval," he exclaimed.

There are no weather reports on when the drought, which also affects 57 percent of Queensland, will end, the Australian media reported. "Few farming families have escaped the dry end."

In the video below you can see part of what is happening, you can see “hundreds of thirsty cows that swarm near a water truck aftertheir owner drove over an hour to get water, just to keep them alive“.

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