New protected area for whales in the Mediterranean

New protected area for whales in the Mediterranean

More than 46,000 km of protected coastline in Spain for whales, sperm whales and dolphins to pass peacefully to the north of the Mediterranean to feed and have their young.

By decree of the Government, a long strip has been established in Spanish waters - about 85 kilometers in average width - that runs between the Catalan and Valencian coasts and that of the Balearic Islands is highly protected and included in the List of Specially Protected Areas of Importance for the Mediterranean (ZEPIM).

Spain is a country "eminently focused on the sea" and the importance of integrating maritime policies in a transversal way. "Without natural capital there is no possibility of economic development," said Hugo Morán, Secretary of the Environment, and has valued the protection of this corridor as "a great step" that also transmits to the rest of the Mediterranean countries a message about the importance of joining efforts for protection.

The new corridor has prohibitions for new prospecting and any underground geological investigation system by means of compressed air, probes, drilling or explosions. This way the area is protected for the transit of cetaceans.

With this new declaration, Spain reaches more than 12% of its protected marine waters, which places it as one of the European countries with the greatest protection and above the objectives of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, which establishes that 10 % of marine and coastal waters must be protected by 2020.

Camera: Manuel D. Única, Jesús Bartolomé and Pedro Pablo Pérez (EFE TV) Script, voiceover and editing: Cristina Yuste (EFEverde)

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