INTA's first aid kit

INTA's first aid kit

This work is a compilation of the material used in the workshops "Uses of aromatic and medicinal plants from the garden". A bibliographic research was carried out and popular knowledge, customs and practices were rescued.

Plants are laboratories where a large amount of chemicals are produced that they need to live. Many of these are used by man.

Until the last century the professions of doctor and botanist were confused because most diseases were treated with medicinal plants, which made a deep knowledge of them essential for the doctor. Useful compounds were extracted from each plant to make a concentrate.

Later, they began to industrially manufacture synthetic drugs without using plants. With the development of the pharmaceutical industry, official medicine forgot about the direct use of medicinal plants.

Today, rescuing forgotten knowledge of our peoples, many frequent ailments can be prevented and / or alleviated thanks to the use of these. Neither of these techniques should suppress consultation with a healthcare professional.


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