Damián Colucci: "The man did 10 thousand years agriculture and did not need anything"

Damián Colucci:

Damián Colucci makes organic whole wheat flour with the cereal he harvests in his field in Tandil. Produces without using a drop of agrochemical. Also, grind the grains with stone mills to avoid possible contamination. "There is a flour with many nutrients that is highly sought after by bakers who know the subject," he told Bichos de Campo.

The young man landed in 2001 in a Tandilense field. He was only 20 years old, but he had already dreamed of living in the middle of nature. "I am from the city and the only way I saw to produce in the field was to do it hand in hand with nature and not against it", says the producer, who has certified his flours as organic for four years.

Here the complete note with Damián Colucci:

Its premise is the following: "If man did agriculture for 10,000 years without needing anything, why does it now seem that he needs everything?"

“The association that I make is the same as with humans: I can go five days without sleep taking narcotics and the performance will be high, but it will not last forever. Well, I go to bed every day at ten at night and I can always do it. The performance is different, you have to accept that ”, details Colucci.

“Over there we produce wheat with a lower yield than our neighbors, but we win globally; Wheat leaves a good green color that animals eat, we have fruit trees: There is more diversity and fertility grows in our model ”, he concludes.

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