The incredible "Building 25". The greenest in Italy

The incredible

The greenest building

From Italy and from a bird's eye view with Google Eart we can already conclude that something is happening in this corner.

The architect Luciano Pia has a different vision of what a building intended for housing should be. Designed and developed the project of the building "25 Verde" with one overriding idea in mind, need to experience the feeling of a tree house.

Five floors for housing are interspersed with trees, the steel of its structure and totally picturesque apartments that allow its inhabitants to live in a natural space within the city.

A facade that hints at the feeling of a tree house. A example of green architecture whose building is home to 150 deciduous trees, which drop their leaves in the winter to allow to take advantage of the sunlight with its innumerable advantages in those cold winters.

Homes designed with terraces that house and support large pots providing accessories natural to the building envelope.

A green construction that houses courtyards full of trees, plants and ponds in its common areas, providing residents with areas of rest, peace, health ... etc.

More information about the project from HERE. And to see all his images from HERE. A project that faithfully reflects the example of that green architecture that so many of us dream of finding to live.

As a point to the article we want to add a link of interest HERE, where it delves into the definitions, concept errors, characteristics and examples of green and sustainable architecture with the heading… .. Why is green not sustainable?

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The concept of green architecture

The reality the definition of green architecture refers to an erroneous translation of the denominations in English "Green buildings" or "Green architecture" where in reality it speaks of "Sustainable buildings" and "Sustainable architecture", so the concept sustainable or sustainable architecture.

What is green architecture? ... It is the architecture that focuses on the design of buildings and the application of guidelines in architecture where theminimize negative impacts on the environment.

The 4 most essential aspects of sustainable architecture are energy, materials, the location of the building and planning based on a bioclimatic design.

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