How to have a body ten, without being Cristiano Ronaldo

How to have a body ten, without being Cristiano Ronaldo

The years do not go by Cristiano Ronaldo. The now Juventus player wears, every time he takes off his shirt, a body chiseled in the style of the heroes of ancient Greece. Behind that slim figure with very marked abs, hides an exhaustive diet and many hours of gymnastics a week.

This perfection in the silhouette has led him to be the subject of many studies, in which it has been determined that he has only 7% body fat when the average of footballers is 10% or 11%. The average between athletes and cyclists is between 10 and 14, but they are not recommended percentages for the body of a person outside of elite sport and it is not even ideal for the athletes themselves. And it is that parameters move very to the limit because after consuming glycogen, the body's source of energy is fat. Ronaldo has unique genetics that make it easy for him to have so much volume in the muscles, especially the quadriceps, and allow him to jump more than most within the area. He has at his service the ideal machinery to dedicate himself to football and to sign a stage at Juve as glorious as the one he had in Madrid. For something, the Italian team has become, since its signing, a clear candidate for the Champions League of betting in UEFA competitions, along with Madrid, Manchester City and Barcelona.

Crossfit, an effective training method

Ronaldo not only prepares his body for each game with five meals a day, not very tasty from the point of view of some professional colleagues, and with exercises such as front planks, bench press, pull-ups, rowing and others. He also invests a lot of time in recovery and for this reason he has acquired a hyperbaric machine, one of those that allow cell recomposition in record time, hence he visits the infirmary with such little assiduity throughout a season. In any case, it is not within the reach of all pockets.

In other words, it is neither healthy nor economical to try to emulate a torso like Ronaldo's. A normal person should move between 15% and 20% body fat and follow a less demanding routine to prevent injury. Three high-intensity workouts a day can be enough to lower your love handles, without resorting to a slave diet. It is for something that the crossfit centers have been so successful among ordinary mortals for a few years. We work under the supervision of a qualified 'coach' who varies the exercises in each session, alternating muscle groups to avoid muscle stagnation by repetition. In this way, the body does not constantly adjust and evolve within the range of each.

The fact of being under the command of a 'coach' is the closest thing to having a personal trainer in group classes, with the addition that it is more affordable. It can help you with your diet, correct your body posture and advise individually on the weight to carry. In addition, it adapts the work sessions to the physical condition of each one. For example, someone who cannot handle their own weight on a chin-up will use a rubber band to help them lift themselves off the bar.

And crossfit is not the only complete and beneficial sport for the body. Swimming is very complete and healthy, as are running, cycling, yoga or Pilates. Sport without a proper diet will not produce the desired results. Experts recommend eating five meals a day and consuming carbohydrates as a base for breakfast and lunch, while dinner should be made up of mostly protein to avoid gaining weight. Between breakfast and lunch you have to eat fruit, as well as for a snack.

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