Renewable energies in Mayan territory

Renewable energies in Mayan territory

"In the name of environmental sustainability, companies and government show their vocation and professionalism when they arrive in our territory, they walk with their heavy boots on our rights enshrined in the Constitution, in international laws and in our word. old, to install in our sacred land its mega-business of solar or wind farm ”.

In the Mayan territory of the Yucatan Peninsula, the wind turbine and the photovoltaic cell have arrived to produce electrical energy through the wind and the sun; we celebrate as a Mayan people this new technique that reduces environmental pollution, is implemented in various parts of the world.

What we reject is the way it has come to us, it is being installed as was done with the bible and the gospel, from being a book that contains a message of hope, to a symbol of pain and death, but more than the bible itself itself, the problem is how it got to us; lying, subduing, dispossessing, destroying and murdering, this is how the so-called clean energies come to us today; deforesting, dispossessing, manipulating, threatening and victimizing. We came to think that the “clean” thing said about them is because it is going to be used to sweep away the Mayan people.

In the name of the Sustainability of the environment, companies and the government, show their vocation and professionalism when they arrive in our territory, they walk with their heavy boots on our rights enshrined in the Constitution, in international laws and in our old word , to install your solar or wind farm mega-business in our sacred land.

After the highly rehearsed speech on the goodness of renewable energies, before the assembly of ejidatarios or small owners, they exhibit some bills in front of some hopeless and hungry illiterate elderly, like a trainer showing a fish to his dolphin that has given the good tourist show, so that they sign white sheets or usufruct contracts that are written in a foreign language in which the clauses only favor the businessman who keeps all the copies of said contract for himself.

An immediate result is the division and conflict in the Mayan communities, between those who are easily manipulated by the company's mercenaries and others who demand greater clarity about the impact of these firms on their right to conserve their land and territory, which make a effort to make strange attitudes visible; Finally, these ways of acting turn out to be abuses by company officials and government agents at the service of megaprojects.

The Mayan communities are not going to benefit from the energy that is going to be produced on their land, they will not stop paying electricity, they will not be able to make more cornfields in those spaces or cut firewood, or hunt, or enter those polygons, since they will be fenced and guarded, although they assure them that they will be able to do so.

Those of us who love our land and territory, inherited from our Mayan ancestors, want in the same way to inherit it to our children so that they can take care of it, that they can live in a healthy environment with the same affection and respect that we have learned from our grandparents; We know that we have those rights, but we have seen how they have violated us to strip us of our values ​​through the traps of a colonizing model.

We decided to organize ourselves for the protection of our territory, we are an Assembly of Defenders of the Maya Múuch ’Xíinbal Territory; From this space enabled by more than 25 communities of the Mayan people, we made the following agreement: “We neither sell the land, nor do we rent it”; with the word of all and all we make possible the defense of our territory with good results. We have started with the public denouncement of dispossession, we built alliances with other peoples, organizations, universities and the media to unmask the lie of the neo-colonizers and finally make use of the legal route through the protections for the violation of our right to be consulted, to give our consent where appropriate; all this within the framework of our autonomy and self-determination that allows us to decide the model we want for the use of renewable energies. We neither sell nor rent our lands ...

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