Pasteurized milk is unhealthy crap

Pasteurized milk is unhealthy crap

The absence of enzymes in modern dairy products exists by definition: milk is pronounced 'pasteurized' only when all of the enzymes have been removed by heating.

From pasteurized milk we obtain butter, ice cream, cheese, yogurt and milk chocolate. The problem is that all these foods cannot be digested. Undigested food travels throughout the body and causes chronic low-grade inflammation. And locks. This is why holistic nutritionists generally agree that milk is the leading cause of allergies. Do not you believe it? Remove all dairy for 60 days from allergy sufferers or an asthmatic child.

Yes, I know what you are thinking: where do we get our calcium then? Big surprise: dairy is not a good source of calcium because the enzyme phosphatase, which is necessary to absorb calcium, was destroyed by pasteurization. (Douglass) The only reason we think we need dairy for calcium is because we hear it all our lives - on TV, on school nutrition shows, from dietitians. But guess who paid for all that publicity and promotion.

Beginning in the 1950s, the American Dairy Association spent millions providing "educational" materials for American elementary schools in which dairy is listed as one of the four food groups. This never had anything to do with science; this is marketing. There is no such thing as the four food groups. They made it up! (McDougall) [Erasmus, E., Fats that Kill - 1993]

So, regarding the calcium requirements of children:

"... Pasteurized milk is unable to rebuild or maintain bones and teeth."
- Royal Lee, 1955

And as for digestion:
"Milk and commercially modified infant foods are all foreign to the baby's liver digestion and can cause diarrhea, milk allergies and constipation."
- H. Bieler, 1965 [Howell, Edward, MD - Enzyme Nutrition - Avery - 1988]

It's not just Africans who are lactose intolerant - all humans are lactose intolerant when it comes to pasteurized milk. But it's still a play on words: lactose is the sugar in milk. We are not allergic to milk sugar; we are allergic to milk No enzymes = junk food.

Milk is junk food. Do you think your baby needs it? Think again. Pasteurized cow's milk is sensitizing your baby to an unnatural, non-food allergenic protein. Consider this: man is the only animal that discovered how to remove enzymes from milk. (

Milk is a very common example of a man-made artificial food, about which a century of advertising has created the illusion of a healthy staple.

The same ideas apply to other processed foods. That means one that has been devitalized by the food industry by removing all the enzymes. The problem is that only enzymes turned it into a living complex in the first place.

The above comments refer to pasteurized milk only. Raw milk from cows living in an environment rich in natural minerals is another story altogether. Dr. Price thoroughly documents the health of Swiss Alpine villagers, isolated from processed food. Some of these healthy people lived on a diet centered on raw butter and raw cheese, from cows and goats. His health was much better than most of ours today.

The point is, natural, unprocessed, and unpasteurized dairy products could be a superlative staple, as they're loaded with the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and E, minerals, and enzymes.

What destroys milk is civilization: killing enzymes by heat, adding antibiotics and hormones to cows' diets, keeping cows in a mineral-deficient environment, and artificially preparing them for long periods of storage.

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